The Unexplained Conspiracy Theory Podcasts

Ole Dammegard believes many high profile deaths and assassinations are connected… »

This edition features US historian and lawyer Robert W Sullivan IV on “Esoteric Freemasonry”… »

This time best selling Texan author/journalist Jim Marrs on JFK, 9-11 and Ancient Civilizations… »

On the 50th anniversary of the killing of John F Kennedy we speak with Governor Jesse Ventura… »

Marcus Allen talks about the Bermuda Triangle to UFOs and unconventional ways to power the planet… »

Richard C Hoagland talks about his latest work on Mars, Torsion Field Physics and a hugely controversial 9-11 theory… »

This edition features global expert on Cults and Mind Control Groups Steve Hassan… »

A highly controversial show with “modern day prophet” Marshall Vian Summers… »

In a Special Edition, we reflect on the devastating events around Hurricane Sandy talking to “Gabby Cabbie” Peter Franklin & »

Mike Sparks believes there was much more to Bond-creator and British War Hero Ian Fleming than most people know… »