The Unexplained Ghosts, Mediums & Life After Death Podcasts

Documentary-maker, author and paranormal experiencer Stephen Lancaster with spine-chilling, thought-provoking stories… »

This time ex cop Andy Gilbert – with chilling real life on-duty paranormal tales from police officers… »

Dr Allan Botkin is a US clinical psychologist who pioneered “IADC” – Induced After Death Communication… »

The story of a real-life multi-generational, blood-curdling haunting of a house in America… »

A return visit with Anglo-American paramedic and acclaimed ghosthunter Richard Estep… »

Acclaimed New York journalist/author Leslie Kean – on her new research “Surviving Death”…. »

This time – after-life researcher Dr Piero Calvi-Parisetti… »

This time Wales-based ghost investigator Steve Parsons… »

Rob Gutro – American ghost investigator, medium… and meteorologist… »

This time – Magician William J Hall who has investigated one of America’s best-known poltergeist cases… »

Deborah Moffitt and the spine-chilling story of terrifying events that gripped a family in California… »

Leading British parapsychologist Cal Cooper joins Howard on the work of Dr Alex Tanous… »

A New Year visit to the UK’s most famous paranormal investigator Lionel Fanthorpe »

A year-end trip to “Ouija-lady” Karen Dahlman plus never-aired audio from a 1940s Liverpool spirit investigator… »

Hear London medical doctor and Medium Dr Ian Rubenstein’s surprising story… »

Hear how Pennsylvania-based Spirit Medium Carole J. Obley who has researched “unfinished business” between this world and the next… »

The Enfield Poltergeist, One of the world’s longest & most intense paranormal cases is explored in Edition 72… »

This edition comes direct from what is claimed to be ‘the most haunted place in Britain’ – Hampton Court Palace… »

Mark L Cowden joins Howard for an incredible insight into the recording of spirits and humans… »

This Edition features a lady who was unknown two and a half years ago and now has a six figure »

This Edition features Michael Horn, US representative of highly controversial alleged “Contactee” Billy Meier… »

This Edition features Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak at the Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute – SETI… »

This Edition features British Medium Barrie John – famous for his stage shows and a string of radio and tv »

This Edition is a Special with friend of the show Jacky Newcomb… »

Howard is joined by Mark Rosney from Para-Projects , North West of England… »

Edition 30 features an interview with South African Healer Fiona Zimmerman… »

Author Joe Niezgoda has written a highly controversial book claiming John Lennon made a pact with the Devil… »

After the excitement of the The Beyond Knowledge Conference in Liverpool, this show is back in its London base… »

This time it’s British super-physhic Christian Dion – well known on radio and tv in the UK… He now live »

The latest show is a world exclusive with Paranormal Researcher and Sunday Times Best Selling Writer Jacky Newcomb… Visit Jacky’s »

On this edition of the unexplained we discuss Electronic Voice Phenomena with researcher Mark Turner from the UK’s EVP (Electric »

Globally renowned American Medium James van Praagh tells Howard about his life and how he’s communicated with spirits including Marilyn »

Baerbel Mohr joins Howard from Germany following the release of her book “The Cosmic Ordering Service” – the book reportedly »

The second edition of The Unexplained features the North East Ghost “Inspectors” and British medium Simon Bacon… »

The Unexplained is back, available across the globe online at our new home and we begin with special guest »