The Unexplained Mystery Podcasts

This edition is a welcome return to co-founder of The Merlin Project, Paul Guercio… »

This time – as 2011 dawns – a return visit from US Trendmaster Gerald Celente – as featured on CNN… »

This show features Kevin Richardson in South Africa – known worldwide for his work with lions and other dangerous creatures… »

This show features Scottish Paranormal writer and investigator Malcolm Robinson – listen for a staggering tale of a claimed alien »

This Edition features American weather expert Scott Stephens who has appeared with Howard on radio a number of times… »

This Edition features South African Michael Tellinger, an old friend of The Unexplained… »

Nigel Kerner ( is an author and journalist best known for work on Aliens and UFOs… »

This is a special short edition about the mysterious spiral of light that appeared in the skies over Norway… »

This time, as promised, Robin Gardener whose book (working title) “The Titanic Conspiracy” is about to be published. Robin has »

So, during August, “The Unexplained” was back where it belongs – on air on one of the biggest talk stations »

This time it’s a rock and roll special with old friend of the show R. Gary Patterson – an expert »

Top Trance-Voice Channe Michelle Erloff is known around the world for being the conduit for so-called “Ascended Masters” to channel »

This edition features best selling South African author Michael Tellinger with astonishing revelations about who we are and where we »

Edition 12 is an amazing update from world famous remote viewer Major Ed Dames with information he believes you need »

The first edition of a new year is an Unexplained special with world famous British writer and visionary David Icke… »

This special show is a linkup to Roswell – the site of the famous “UFO Crash” back in 1947… »

Episode 5, Howard talks to Major Ed Dames, Tony Buzan and Patrick Moore… »

It’s a mixed bag for edition 4! Featuring French-American “prophet” Dr Louis Turi, British self empowerment expert Steven Suphi and »

Baerbel Mohr joins Howard from Germany following the release of her book “The Cosmic Ordering Service” – the book reportedly »

The Unexplained is back, available across the globe online at our new home and we begin with special guest »