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Never heard of The Aztec incident? … Did another Roswell happen in 1948? »

To end the year we talk time travel – with groundbreaking physicist Dr Ronald Mallett… »

A big name in UK Ufology – Philip Mantle really has done the legwork – and it shows! »

Exciting news about a new Moon mission from one of the top ESA scientists working on it – Dr James »

The case of D.B. Cooper, Moon Landing Conspiracy, Fukushima and more with the world-renowned UK Editor of Nexus Magazine… »

We talk with Scottish Psychical Researcher Tricia Robertson… »

Recorded after the atrocity in Paris, Professor Greg Barton – expert in Islamic Politics, Deakin University, Melbourne… »

British Egyptologist David Rohl and a unique take on the Old Testament and ancient history… »

This time world-renowned British author, journalist and historian Graham Hancock… »

This time Researcher James K Lambert on how he thinks “conspiracy theories” just don’t stack up… »

Direct from Wiltshire, UK – with veteran Researcher Charles R Mallett… »

The benefits and threats of our technological future – with Gadget Detective Fevzi Turkalp… »

Top British Astronomer Dr Nick Lister – What next after apparent traces of flowing water are found on Mars? »

Bob Davis Phd – and the scientific way of investigating UFOs and alien abduction… »

As Howard returns from a few days in beautiful West Wales, The Unexplained flashes back to 2005… »

Featuring psychologist Roy Hill and his latest research… »

Ex-Detective David Paulides on his latest intensive research into the mysteries of missing people… »

American author Ron Felber’s unique research into a chilling and amazing “alien abduction” case in 1989… »

We meet the Founder of XCOR Michiel Mol in Amsterdam – he aims to be first to start civilian space »

Returning guest Tim Swartz has intensively researched this strange condition and its sufferers… »

We meet down-to-earth demon-battling Medium June Lundgren in Oregon… »

As NASA announces it’s found a planet a lot like Earth we speak with British astronomer Heather Couper… »

The ex-policeman who founded the place that collates police UFO reports returns to The Unexplained… »

This time – the man who connects ufology and religion… »

We check in with Linda Moulton Howe – leading researcher and investigative journalist in New Mexico, USA… »

A Canadian lawyer who claims to have had a life-changing encounter he wants you to benefit from… »

Connecting to “the afterlife” – with researcher Candace L Talmadge in Texas… »

This time the President of the Mars Society – Dr Robert Zubrin – on colonising the Red Planet… »

This time Canada’s Dr Carmen Boulter with news of a remarkable discovery in Ancient Egypt… »

An early-summer update from Richard Hoagland – direct from Albuquerque, New Mexico… »

This time veteran British “energy field” researcher Dr Harry Oldfield… »

Amazing Animal Communicator Trisha McCagh – direct from Perth, Western Australia… »

This time – founder of Nexus Magazine – amazing Australian Duncan Roads… »

Big news about an ancient race of giants – from Austrian researcher/explorer Klaus Dona… »

Author and theologian Robert W Sullivan on his latest research… »

This time – with The X-Files reportedly soon to return – the man who plays computer geek Langly talks with »

Some of our greatest guests – plus a new conversation with Astronomer Heather Couper and Astronomer/Astronaut Nigel Henbest… »

Dr Nick Begich and his research on HAARP and other important “earth topics”… »

The first interview with Courtney Brown about his latest Remote Viewing project – Cydonia… »

This time – the life and times of the late and remarkable Father Malachi Martin – with Bernard Janzen… »

A return visit with the California-based author and visionary… »

Top Hollywood reporter Jeanne Wolf on the life of Leonard Nimoy and Seth Shostak – head of SETI… »

Glaswegian Scott Creighton – with a fresh take on Egyptology… Also Yorkshire “Contactee” Tony Topping. »

Our second conversation with Stephen Bassett. »

This time – Darren Brittain – a very down-to-earth British Medium… »

Two big guests – Global Trendwatcher Gerald Celente and Cryptologist Buff Parry… »

This time… World-famous “Chariots of the Gods” author Erich Von Daniken… »

Californian Ouija expert Karen Dahlman returns with ways to “alchemize” your life… »

First show of 2015 – featuring Neil Sanders – British expert on Mind Control… »

Can we really go back through time and erase bad things in the past? »

This time – the aims, methods and findings of ace US paranormal investigator Chase Kloetzke… »

A second conversation with Judy Wood – who questions why the Twin Towers “turned to dust…”. »

American Harry Cooper who researches German U-Boats, their crews – and Hitler’s “escape” after the War… »

Dr David Clarke – British Journalism Lecturer and acclaimed investigator of paranormality… »

Robert Schwartz thinks who we are now was determined before we were born… »

A return visit to the paranormal world of the Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe in Cardiff… »

Highly compelling – very controversial – totally unmissable – ex CIA-man Robert David Steele… »

Heidi Hollis – in time for Hallowe’en – Shadow People, the Hat Man and Aliens… »

Multi award winning investigative journalist talks about Energy, Ebola and Extinction… »

Did Aliens disable some of America’s nuclear missiles? Ex USAF man Robert Salas tells a very compelling story… »

One of Courtney Brown’s Remote Viewing team – Hawaii-based ex television newscaster Dick Allgire – explains how he does it… »

David Paulides – ex US cop who now investigates the world’s unexplained disappearances – a must hear show! »

We hear about Courtney Brown and his Team’s latest controversial project… »

On this show… author and blogger Mike Bara – who co-wrote “Dark Mission” with Richard Hoagland… »

This time Roger Stone – who worked for President Richard Nixon – his view of Watergate… and beyond… »

On this show… Retired Sydney lawyer Victor and his partner Wendy – with their “case for the Afterlife”… »

This time – Magician William J Hall who has investigated one of America’s best-known poltergeist cases… »

This time – Canada’s Grant Cameron – UFOs and consciousness… »

This time a “lost” 2005 radio edition – Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux – authors of “Raechel’s Eyes”… »

Marking the 80th birthday of the world’s most famous UFO investigator… »

This time, one of Art Bell’s favourite guests – Peter Davenport… »

This time British woman Jenny Cockell on her “past lives” – PLUS a surprise superstar guest! »

British author and researcher Gordon Strong – on the controversial subject of Ritual Magic… »

Howard talks to Uri Geller, recorded at his fabulous Thames Valley home… »

We feature California-based afterlife researcher Professor Stafford Betty… »

Linda Moulton Howe talks about MH 370 and her amazing research on alien-human Hybrids.. »

Journalist Gerrard Williams on the intensively researched story of Hitler’s alleged escape from Germany to South America… »

A return visit with retired UK policeman John Hanson – he talks about his exhaustive British UFO research… »

Another guest you suggested – leading Australian UFO Researcher Bill Chalker in Sydney… »

Deborah Moffitt and the spine-chilling story of terrifying events that gripped a family in California… »

Dr. Hugh Lewis at Southampton University on how to clear up space debris… »

What are the Chinese up to on the Moon right now? »

Ever wondered how the world and its economy really works? Catherine Austin Fitts will explain… »

This time – Courtney Brown on an amazing Remote Viewing Project – the Great Pyramid at Giza… »

This time – Claire and Nick – two ordinary people using CSETI techniques to make extraordinary “contact”… »

“Psychic Surgeon” Garry Mannion and Tricia Robertson who has researched his claims… »

This time Athens-based scientist Paul La Violette – who says we are ignoring a threat from space. »

Governor Ventura talks about being “off The Grid” – and about Ukraine and the missing Malaysian Airlines plane… »

This time, Simon Parkes – the Councillor in Yorkshire who says he’s from a long line of contactees/abductees… »

Simran Singh believes we are in constant dialogue with the Universe and can change our destiny… »

Ole Dammegard believes many high profile deaths and assassinations are connected… »

By worldwide request… Dr Steven Greer on Disclosure, UFOs, ETs, Coverups and more… »

Annie Kagan – a Doctor famous across the US for her book that claims she is communicating with her dead »

A must-hear show with US freedom advocate and health campaigner Ty Bollinger… »

Dr Rita Louise – psychic, writer, medical intuitive, broadcaster in Texas is our guest this time… »

Leading British parapsychologist Cal Cooper joins Howard on the work of Dr Alex Tanous… »

US researcher/broadcaster Micah Hanks returns to The Unexplained… »

After nearly ten years, Dr. Bruce Goldberg returns to The Unexplained… »

A New Year visit to the UK’s most famous paranormal investigator Lionel Fanthorpe »

A year-end trip to “Ouija-lady” Karen Dahlman plus never-aired audio from a 1940s Liverpool spirit investigator… »