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Direct from Adelaide – Australian paranormal researcher Ashley Hall joins howard… »

This time Brien Foerster in Peru – and the truth about the Incas and Ancient Civilizations… »

This edition features US historian and lawyer Robert W Sullivan IV on “Esoteric Freemasonry”… »

This time best selling Texan author/journalist Jim Marrs on JFK, 9-11 and Ancient Civilizations… »

On the 50th anniversary of the killing of John F Kennedy we speak with Governor Jesse Ventura… »

An update on Space, Comet Ison, Mars, the Moon and Art Bell! »

A new guest – US author Louisa Oakley Green is the psychic sceptic… Who became a believer… »

Linda Moulton Howe talks about the state of the world and the truth about the Fukushima nuclear disaster… »

Howard talk to David Paulides, who researches strange disappearances in the US and Canada. »

An Unexplained special update about Comet Ison from Colin Johnston at Armagh Planetarium, Northern Ireland… »

This edition features retired surgeon David Halpin who wants the inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly re-opened… »

The first interview with world famous British UFO researcher Timothy Good ahead of the November release of his new book… »

Lifelong “contactee” and UFO photographer Wilbur Allen talks to Howard… »

This edition is my re-discovered radio show done from Ground Zero on the second anniversary of 9/11… »

Featuring researcher Thomas J Carey – recorded a few days before the death of Jesse Marcel Jnr… »

This time stunning after-death accounts from Scottish researcher Tricia Robertson… »

Ex Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer – now aged 90 – talks exclusively to The Unexplained… »

With just months to go to the launch of “The People’s Voice” media-venture David Icke returns to The Unexplained… »

Find out how top Doctor Craig Hassed thinks changing your mindset could greatly benefit your health and wellbeing… »

Howard talks to Joanne Summercales and hear some amazing stories from ex-military man Dave Munro… »

Kathleen Marden has spent a lifetime researching UFO and abduction phenomena… »

This edition features Harry Hubbard who has researched a cave in the US claimed to have been crammed with “Egypt-style” »

Nick Pope joins Howard following the release of the UK’s final batch of UFO report files… »

Nick Redfern joins Howard to talk about his research into secret government files… »

Featuring Richard C Hoagland & David H Boyle… »

Could tiny Warminster be a UFO hotspot? »

A message from Howard Hughes… »

Cris Putnam and Tom Horn have been investigating what the Vatican knows about UFOs and ETs… »

Marcus Allen talks about the Bermuda Triangle to UFOs and unconventional ways to power the planet… »

Featuring the life and work of “medical intuitive” and paranormalist Dr Barry Taff… »

Karen Dahlman in California who has been using Ouija Boards for four decades… »

Professor James D Stein tells us how mathematics and science could explain paranormal phenomena… »

Controversial scientist Dr Judy Wood explains why she believes an Energy Weapon “dustified” the Twin Towers…. »

Robert Bartholomew has looked into “monster sightings” dating from the 1600s to the present at America’s Lake Champlain… »

Richard C Hoagland talks about his latest work on Mars, Torsion Field Physics and a hugely controversial 9-11 theory… »

This edition features global expert on Cults and Mind Control Groups Steve Hassan… »

Dr Nick Lister talking about how 2013’s started with news stories about an asteroid cruising close to earth and more… »

A highly controversial show with “modern day prophet” Marshall Vian Summers… »

Happy New Year – From Howard Adam & The Unexplained Team… »

Hear London medical doctor and Medium Dr Ian Rubenstein’s surprising story… »

Dr Amit Goswami features on The Unexplained talking about his unique take on Quantum Physics… »

A Special Edition recorded an hour after the announcement of the death of a legendary British astronomer and Broadcaster… »

Hear how Pennsylvania-based Spirit Medium Carole J. Obley who has researched “unfinished business” between this world and the next… »

This time we talk with Gary Heseltine who collates UFO reports from police men and women… »

This time hear Anthony Peake’s take on consciousness, life-after-death, near death experiences and what we call time… »

In a Special Edition, we reflect on the devastating events around Hurricane Sandy talking to “Gabby Cabbie” Peter Franklin & »

Ufologist Richard Lennie talks about his findings using night-vision technology… »

This time we talk to Wynn Free in Arizona, USA who says he has had contact with a “higher intelligence”… »

This Edition features an ordinary young Australian guy who says he’s had a lifetime of extraordinary UFO and alien “contact”… »

What is the thousands of years old extra-terrestrial link between a “pyramid” beneath Alaska and more… »

This time we talk with theorist, self-styled “change agent” and wholefood pioneer Gregory Sams about Chaos Theory… »

Remembering Neil Armstrong – An American Hero… »

This time we talk with London-based researcher,healer and psychotherapist Sue Allen about psychic attacks… »

A must-hear show with Robert Bauval, we talk about the Pyramids, new revelations about the Ancient Egyptians and the race »

Time travel and teleportation – Are they realities or fantasy? »

With the world in its current state, this is a must hear interview with futurist Paul Guercio… »

Peter Lindberg – talks about the possible UFO on the floor of the Baltic Sea… »

Sherrie Dillard believes we can tap into the power of Mary to make Miracles happen… »

Hear about Richard Dolan’s research on the way “the truth” about the UFO phenomenon is bound to come out… »

Mike Sparks believes there was much more to Bond-creator and British War Hero Ian Fleming than most people know… »

This edition features one of the world’s best known paranormal and parapsychology investigators, Icelander Erlendur Haraldsson. »

The show returns with world expert on the Mayan Calendar – Dr Carl Johan Calleman. »

Thomas de Wesselow who has made headlines in the UK this week with his new book on the Turin Shroud »

Ian Shircore has looked into not one but scores of the biggest conspiracy theories. »

Thomas P Fusco talks about histheory that links together & explains all paranormal phenomena… »

This show features the highly controversial thoughts of Max Keiser… »

This show features a man you’ve been asking me to get back on the show for months – David Icke… »

This time we talk with Journalist Mack Maloney who has written “UFOs in Wartime – What They Didn’t Want You »

Winter Message from Howard Hughes, December 2011… »

This time we talk with US investigator Jeff Hilling about the world’s most notorious and controversial sighting of Bigfoot… »

The Enfield Poltergeist, One of the world’s longest & most intense paranormal cases is explored in Edition 72… »

This Edition features British “Out of the Body Experience” expert Graham Nicholls… »

Gerard Aartsen has a unique “take” on the tieups between “ETs” and the current political & financial instability… »

This edition comes direct from what is claimed to be ‘the most haunted place in Britain’ – Hampton Court Palace… »

Hear archive audio unearthed and remastered with Al Bielek from The Philadelphia Experiment… »

On the tenth anniversary of the tragic events we speak with controversial 9/11 Researcher Jim Fetzer… »

Hear Author & Broadcaster Whitley Strieber talk about Hurricane Irene and his latest project… »

This Edition features American Author & UFO Researcher Micah Hanks… »

This special edition features respected Politics Professor Justin Fisher… »

World exclusive interview with Richard C Hoagland on his latest work… »

Hear a very special take on the secret life of Billionaire Howard Hughes… »

Hear serial abductee Jim Moroney’s take on why the aliens take some of us… »

Mark L Cowden joins Howard for an incredible insight into the recording of spirits and humans… »

Edition 60 featuring UK-born Texas-based “anomalist” Nick Redfern… »

This edition features Chicago-based serial and mass killing expert Helen Morrison… »

Author of “Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs” Wendy Brown confronts an issue many of us may have to face… »

This show features a man who calls himself The Mystifier. And that’s what he’s been doing for 40 years… »

This Edition takes you into the amazing world of accomplished San Francisco physicist and philosopher Fred Alan Wolf… »

This show features New York based structural engineer Richard Guy, who has an interesting theory on the earth’s expansion… »

Listen to another Unexplained exclusive interview this time with ex MOD official, Nick Pope… »

Listen to an exclusive interview with Dr Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon… »

This edition is a welcome return to co-founder of The Merlin Project, Paul Guercio… »

This time – as 2011 dawns – a return visit from US Trendmaster Gerald Celente – as featured on CNN… »

This Special 50th Anniversary Edition trawls the Archives of The Unexplained to bring you some of the material you’ve asked »

Winter Message from Howard Hughes, December 2010… »

This Edition showcases the extensive and detailed UFO research by retired Birmingham Policeman John Hanson and his research-partner Dawn Holloway… »

This edition features US investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe. Her work has won acclaim and many awards… »

This show features Kevin Richardson in South Africa – known worldwide for his work with lions and other dangerous creatures… »

This show features a man you’ve been asking me to get back on the show for months – David Icke… »

This Edition features a lady who was unknown two and a half years ago and now has a six figure »