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Hear about Richard Dolan’s research on the way “the truth” about the UFO phenomenon is bound to come out… »

Mike Sparks believes there was much more to Bond-creator and British War Hero Ian Fleming than most people know… »

This edition features one of the world’s best known paranormal and parapsychology investigators, Icelander Erlendur Haraldsson. »

The show returns with world expert on the Mayan Calendar – Dr Carl Johan Calleman. »

Thomas de Wesselow who has made headlines in the UK this week with his new book on the Turin Shroud »

Ian Shircore has looked into not one but scores of the biggest conspiracy theories. »

Thomas P Fusco talks about histheory that links together & explains all paranormal phenomena… »

This show features the highly controversial thoughts of Max Keiser… »

This show features a man you’ve been asking me to get back on the show for months – David Icke… »

This time we talk with Journalist Mack Maloney who has written “UFOs in Wartime – What They Didn’t Want You »

Winter Message from Howard Hughes, December 2011… »

This time we talk with US investigator Jeff Hilling about the world’s most notorious and controversial sighting of Bigfoot… »

The Enfield Poltergeist, One of the world’s longest & most intense paranormal cases is explored in Edition 72… »

This Edition features British “Out of the Body Experience” expert Graham Nicholls… »

Gerard Aartsen has a unique “take” on the tieups between “ETs” and the current political & financial instability… »

This edition comes direct from what is claimed to be ‘the most haunted place in Britain’ – Hampton Court Palace… »

Hear archive audio unearthed and remastered with Al Bielek from The Philadelphia Experiment… »

On the tenth anniversary of the tragic events we speak with controversial 9/11 Researcher Jim Fetzer… »

Hear Author & Broadcaster Whitley Strieber talk about Hurricane Irene and his latest project… »

This Edition features American Author & UFO Researcher Micah Hanks… »

This special edition features respected Politics Professor Justin Fisher… »

World exclusive interview with Richard C Hoagland on his latest work… »

Hear a very special take on the secret life of Billionaire Howard Hughes… »

Hear serial abductee Jim Moroney’s take on why the aliens take some of us… »

Mark L Cowden joins Howard for an incredible insight into the recording of spirits and humans… »

Edition 60 featuring UK-born Texas-based “anomalist” Nick Redfern… »

This edition features Chicago-based serial and mass killing expert Helen Morrison… »

Author of “Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs” Wendy Brown confronts an issue many of us may have to face… »

This show features a man who calls himself The Mystifier. And that’s what he’s been doing for 40 years… »

This Edition takes you into the amazing world of accomplished San Francisco physicist and philosopher Fred Alan Wolf… »

This show features New York based structural engineer Richard Guy, who has an interesting theory on the earth’s expansion… »

Listen to another Unexplained exclusive interview this time with ex MOD official, Nick Pope… »

Listen to an exclusive interview with Dr Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon… »

This edition is a welcome return to co-founder of The Merlin Project, Paul Guercio… »

This time – as 2011 dawns – a return visit from US Trendmaster Gerald Celente – as featured on CNN… »

This Special 50th Anniversary Edition trawls the Archives of The Unexplained to bring you some of the material you’ve asked »

Winter Message from Howard Hughes, December 2010… »

This Edition showcases the extensive and detailed UFO research by retired Birmingham Policeman John Hanson and his research-partner Dawn Holloway… »

This edition features US investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe. Her work has won acclaim and many awards… »

This show features Kevin Richardson in South Africa – known worldwide for his work with lions and other dangerous creatures… »

This show features a man you’ve been asking me to get back on the show for months – David Icke… »

This Edition features a lady who was unknown two and a half years ago and now has a six figure »

This show features an old friend – world-famous British Astronomer Heather Couper… »

This show features Scottish Paranormal writer and investigator Malcolm Robinson – listen for a staggering tale of a claimed alien »

This Edition features American weather expert Scott Stephens who has appeared with Howard on radio a number of times… »

This Edition features South African Michael Tellinger, an old friend of The Unexplained… »

This Edition features Michael Horn, US representative of highly controversial alleged “Contactee” Billy Meier… »

This Edition features Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak at the Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute – SETI… »

This Edition features British Medium Barrie John – famous for his stage shows and a string of radio and tv »

This Edition is a Special with friend of the show Jacky Newcomb… »

Nigel Kerner ( is an author and journalist best known for work on Aliens and UFOs… »

This is a shortened Edition – Senior European Space Agency man Olivier Witasse replies to Richard Hoagland’s statements… »

This is possibly the most important Edition of The Unexplained we have ever made. This is the first show of »

This is an Extended Unexplained Special Edition with Dr Lynne Kitei who experience strange phenomena over Phoenix, Arizona… »

This is a Special with US Trendwatcher Gerald Celente… »

Howard is joined by Mark Rosney from Para-Projects , North West of England… »

This is a special short edition about the mysterious spiral of light that appeared in the skies over Norway… »

Edition 30 features an interview with South African Healer Fiona Zimmerman… »

Author Joe Niezgoda has written a highly controversial book claiming John Lennon made a pact with the Devil… »

This Edition,the last of 2009, features UFO researcher and ex British Defence Ministry man Nick Pope on the decision to »

After the excitement of the The Beyond Knowledge Conference in Liverpool, this show is back in its London base… »

Edition 26 continues with the material recorded live at the Beyond Knowledge Conference 2009… »

Edition 25 was recorded on location of the Beyond Knowledge Conference 2009… »

This time round the show features some very special people who have become friends of The Unexplained over the years… »

Featuring Richard C Hoagland and a studio conversation with Larry Warren who was part of the UK’s biggest UFO “encounter”… »

On this edition we feature globally renowned Healer Dr. Eric Pearl – And as you’ll hear, he’s so much more »

This time, as promised, Robin Gardener whose book (working title) “The Titanic Conspiracy” is about to be published. Robin has »

First up is excellent Liverpool Psychic Medium Phoebe ( who made her name as a guest on Radio City/City Talk’s »

This show’s a big one to kick off 2009! Some of the audio is provided by kind permission of Liverpool’s »

So, during August, “The Unexplained” was back where it belongs – on air on one of the biggest talk stations »

This time it’s British super-physhic Christian Dion – well known on radio and tv in the UK… He now live »

This time it’s a rock and roll special with old friend of the show R. Gary Patterson – an expert »

Top Trance-Voice Channe Michelle Erloff is known around the world for being the conduit for so-called “Ascended Masters” to channel »

This edition features best selling South African author Michael Tellinger with astonishing revelations about who we are and where we »

The latest show is a world exclusive with Paranormal Researcher and Sunday Times Best Selling Writer Jacky Newcomb… Visit Jacky’s »

Edition 12 is an amazing update from world famous remote viewer Major Ed Dames with information he believes you need »

Edition 11 of The Unexplained, Howard talks with world renowned alien abduction hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith… Visit Yvonne’s website at »

On this edition of the unexplained we discuss Electronic Voice Phenomena with researcher Mark Turner from the UK’s EVP (Electric »

The first edition of a new year is an Unexplained special with world famous British writer and visionary David Icke… »

Globally renowned American Medium James van Praagh tells Howard about his life and how he’s communicated with spirits including Marilyn »

The show returns with a on hour long interview with the author of current New York Times Best Seller “Dark »

This special show is a linkup to Roswell – the site of the famous “UFO Crash” back in 1947… »

Episode 5, Howard talks to Major Ed Dames, Tony Buzan and Patrick Moore… »

It’s a mixed bag for edition 4! Featuring French-American “prophet” Dr Louis Turi, British self empowerment expert Steven Suphi and »

Baerbel Mohr joins Howard from Germany following the release of her book “The Cosmic Ordering Service” – the book reportedly »

The second edition of The Unexplained features the North East Ghost “Inspectors” and British medium Simon Bacon… »

The Unexplained is back, available across the globe online at our new home and we begin with special guest »