The Unexplained Space Podcasts

A specially extended podcast-only version of Howard’s conversation with James R Hansen – who wrote the Neil Armstrong Biography “First »

Nick Lister from Astronomy For All… »

Science writer Dr David Whitehouse on the new Exoplanets… also Space Shuttle Commander Brian Duffy… »

Richard C Hoagland plus a Christmas interview with Dr Who’s Companion in space-time travel Katy Manning – aka Jo Grant… »

The return of world-famous investigative journalist and broadcaster Linda Moulton Howe… »

This time US space insider – ex NASA-man Dr James Oberg… »

At 71… Australian Professor Malcolm Walter has had a life in Astrobiology – he’s now a world leader in the »

Leading British astronomer Nigel Henbest on Gravitational Waves and training to travel into space… »

Exciting news about a new Moon mission from one of the top ESA scientists working on it – Dr James »

Top British Astronomer Dr Nick Lister – What next after apparent traces of flowing water are found on Mars? »

We meet the Founder of XCOR Michiel Mol in Amsterdam – he aims to be first to start civilian space »

As NASA announces it’s found a planet a lot like Earth we speak with British astronomer Heather Couper… »

This time the President of the Mars Society – Dr Robert Zubrin – on colonising the Red Planet… »

An early-summer update from Richard Hoagland – direct from Albuquerque, New Mexico… »

On this show… author and blogger Mike Bara – who co-wrote “Dark Mission” with Richard Hoagland… »

Deborah Moffitt and the spine-chilling story of terrifying events that gripped a family in California… »

Dr. Hugh Lewis at Southampton University on how to clear up space debris… »

What are the Chinese up to on the Moon right now? »

This time – Claire and Nick – two ordinary people using CSETI techniques to make extraordinary “contact”… »

“Psychic Surgeon” Garry Mannion and Tricia Robertson who has researched his claims… »

This time Athens-based scientist Paul La Violette – who says we are ignoring a threat from space. »

This time, Simon Parkes – the Councillor in Yorkshire who says he’s from a long line of contactees/abductees… »

An update on Space, Comet Ison, Mars, the Moon and Art Bell! »

An Unexplained special update about Comet Ison from Colin Johnston at Armagh Planetarium, Northern Ireland… »

Featuring Richard C Hoagland & David H Boyle… »

Marcus Allen talks about the Bermuda Triangle to UFOs and unconventional ways to power the planet… »

Richard C Hoagland talks about his latest work on Mars, Torsion Field Physics and a hugely controversial 9-11 theory… »

Dr Nick Lister talking about how 2013’s started with news stories about an asteroid cruising close to earth and more… »

A Special Edition recorded an hour after the announcement of the death of a legendary British astronomer and Broadcaster… »

Ufologist Richard Lennie talks about his findings using night-vision technology… »

Remembering Neil Armstrong – An American Hero… »

World exclusive interview with Richard C Hoagland on his latest work… »

Hear a very special take on the secret life of Billionaire Howard Hughes… »

Listen to an exclusive interview with Dr Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon… »

This show features an old friend – world-famous British Astronomer Heather Couper… »

This is a shortened Edition – Senior European Space Agency man Olivier Witasse replies to Richard Hoagland’s statements… »

This is possibly the most important Edition of The Unexplained we have ever made. This is the first show of »

This is a special short edition about the mysterious spiral of light that appeared in the skies over Norway… »

After the excitement of the The Beyond Knowledge Conference in Liverpool, this show is back in its London base… »

Edition 26 continues with the material recorded live at the Beyond Knowledge Conference 2009… »

Edition 25 was recorded on location of the Beyond Knowledge Conference 2009… »

So, during August, “The Unexplained” was back where it belongs – on air on one of the biggest talk stations »

The show returns with a on hour long interview with the author of current New York Times Best Seller “Dark »

Episode 5, Howard talks to Major Ed Dames, Tony Buzan and Patrick Moore… »