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An update on “Disclosure” from Steve Bassett, CEO of PRG… »

Now retired, Colonel Halt was in charge when the strange events at Rendlesham Forest occurred – in 1980… »

Author David J Hogan – who has written the “complete guide” to everything Ufological… »

US alien “Experiencer” Bill Konkolesky’s story might make you think twice… »

Ahead of his Presentation at the Scottish Paranormal Conference UFO researcher Peter Robbins returns… »

Ray Hernandez explains the detail in the data of the FREE organisation’s UFO/ET research… »

First of two shows about Dr Edgar Mitchell’s FREE organisation’s groundbreaking new UFO/ET research… »

The grandson of the man at the centre of the Roswell case – on three generations of fighting for truth… »

One of the founders of pop’s California surfsound and UFO/ancient civilisation researcher Merrell Fankhauser… »

World famous UFO researcher Peter Robbins talks about his Rendlesham Forest investigations and his lifetime of research… »

Never heard of The Aztec incident? … Did another Roswell happen in 1948? »

A big name in UK Ufology – Philip Mantle really has done the legwork – and it shows! »

Bob Davis Phd – and the scientific way of investigating UFOs and alien abduction… »

American author Ron Felber’s unique research into a chilling and amazing “alien abduction” case in 1989… »

The ex-policeman who founded the place that collates police UFO reports returns to The Unexplained… »

Did Aliens disable some of America’s nuclear missiles? Ex USAF man Robert Salas tells a very compelling story… »

This time – Canada’s Grant Cameron – UFOs and consciousness… »

This time a “lost” 2005 radio edition – Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux – authors of “Raechel’s Eyes”… »

Marking the 80th birthday of the world’s most famous UFO investigator… »

This time, one of Art Bell’s favourite guests – Peter Davenport… »

Linda Moulton Howe talks about MH 370 and her amazing research on alien-human Hybrids.. »

A return visit with retired UK policeman John Hanson – he talks about his exhaustive British UFO research… »

Another guest you suggested – leading Australian UFO Researcher Bill Chalker in Sydney… »

This time, Simon Parkes – the Councillor in Yorkshire who says he’s from a long line of contactees/abductees… »

By worldwide request… Dr Steven Greer on Disclosure, UFOs, ETs, Coverups and more… »

The first interview with world famous British UFO researcher Timothy Good ahead of the November release of his new book… »

Lifelong “contactee” and UFO photographer Wilbur Allen talks to Howard… »

Featuring researcher Thomas J Carey – recorded a few days before the death of Jesse Marcel Jnr… »

Ex Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer – now aged 90 – talks exclusively to The Unexplained… »

Howard talks to Joanne Summercales and hear some amazing stories from ex-military man Dave Munro… »

Kathleen Marden has spent a lifetime researching UFO and abduction phenomena… »

Nick Pope joins Howard following the release of the UK’s final batch of UFO report files… »

Could tiny Warminster be a UFO hotspot? »

This time we talk with Gary Heseltine who collates UFO reports from police men and women… »

Ufologist Richard Lennie talks about his findings using night-vision technology… »

This Edition features an ordinary young Australian guy who says he’s had a lifetime of extraordinary UFO and alien “contact”… »

Peter Lindberg – talks about the possible UFO on the floor of the Baltic Sea… »

Hear about Richard Dolan’s research on the way “the truth” about the UFO phenomenon is bound to come out… »

This Edition features American Author & UFO Researcher Micah Hanks… »

Hear serial abductee Jim Moroney’s take on why the aliens take some of us… »

Listen to another Unexplained exclusive interview this time with ex MOD official, Nick Pope… »

Listen to an exclusive interview with Dr Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon… »

This Edition showcases the extensive and detailed UFO research by retired Birmingham Policeman John Hanson and his research-partner Dawn Holloway… »

This is possibly the most important Edition of The Unexplained we have ever made. This is the first show of »

This is an Extended Unexplained Special Edition with Dr Lynne Kitei who experience strange phenomena over Phoenix, Arizona… »

Edition 26 continues with the material recorded live at the Beyond Knowledge Conference 2009… »

Edition 25 was recorded on location of the Beyond Knowledge Conference 2009… »

This time round the show features some very special people who have become friends of The Unexplained over the years… »

Featuring Richard C Hoagland and a studio conversation with Larry Warren who was part of the UK’s biggest UFO “encounter”… »

First up is excellent Liverpool Psychic Medium Phoebe ( who made her name as a guest on Radio City/City Talk’s »

This show’s a big one to kick off 2009! Some of the audio is provided by kind permission of Liverpool’s »

Edition 11 of The Unexplained, Howard talks with world renowned alien abduction hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith… Visit Yvonne’s website at »

This special show is a linkup to Roswell – the site of the famous “UFO Crash” back in 1947… »