Edition 19 – Gerald Celente & Timothy Good

This show’s a big one to kick off 2009!

Some of the audio is provided by kind permission of Liverpool’s City Talk 105.9 (www.citytalk.fm)

First, a few chillling words from US trend watcher Gerald Celente (www.trendsresearch.com) on the prospects for the world’s economy.

Then, from my recent show on City Talk 105.9, British UFO researcher and writer Timothy Good (www.timothygood.co.uk) – with amazing thoughts about the possibility of “disclosure” under the new President Obama.

The British ghost hunter Darren Ritson (www.mikehallowell.com/wraithscape) Darren’s terrifying tale of the investigation of the South Shields Poltergeist is guaranteed to make your hair stand on end!

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