Edition 24 – Catchups and Lookaheads…

“This time round the show features some very special people who have become friends of The Unexplained over the years. First, courtesy of CityTalk 105.9 (www.citytalk.fm)

Hear UFO expert Timothy Good who was live on air with me on the day the Ministry of Defence released previously secret “UFO files” (www.timothygood.co.uk)

Then, lead singer of legendary band “The Troggs” Reg Presley is on – speaking about crop circles – and his new end-of-the-world Movie!

Uri Geller’s here too talking about his global hit TV show and about his friend Michael Jackson (www.urigeller.com) And Special Guest this time – American Medium James Van Praagh (www.vanpraagh.com) who is due in the UK for a national tour.

Exciting news – Space expert Richard C Hoagland will be speaking at the Beyond Knowledge Conference in Liverpool, September 12/13 ’09 and NOT as I, erroneously, say on Edition 24 11/12 Sept. This is a rare appearance in the UK – don’t miss it!

(http://www.beyond-knowledge.co.uk) and (http://www.enterprisemission.com)

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