Edition 34 – Richard C Hoagland on Phobos

This is possibly the most important Edition of The Unexplained we have ever made. This is the first show of any type to reveal this material. Richard C Hoagland (www.enterprisemission.com) has information that more than suggests Europe’s Space Agency has, and is set to publicly confirm, information proving the Mars moon Phobos is NOT a natural structure.

Radar, magnetic, photographic and other data suggests Phobos could have been a”craft” of some kind with strange cavities inside that are not random features. Richard thinks the European Space Agency – ESA – could make an announcement about this work very soon. And that could eventually trigger a robotic and ultimately a manned mission to get there and reveal the secrets Phobos is hiding.

There are astonishing and tangled complications – one of them may even be a legal wrangle about who owns territory in space! If what you are about to hear is correct – and the sequence of events unfolds in the way Richard believes it will, Edition 34 will startle and, maybe, prepare you.

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