Unexplained 2017 Poll

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Nov 16 Survey

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What category do you most want more podcasts?

What category do you second most want more podcasts?

Should there be any new categories of podcast?

What do you think is the best podcast duration?

What do you think is a good frequency?

How do you listen most?

How many podcasts/videocasts do you watch/listen via Youtube?

Do you listen to any other paranormal podcasts – if yes please tell us who?

How could The Unexplained improve?

Would you contribute to a forum on the website?

Do you think an Unexplained mobile app is needed?

If yes do you have an apple or android device?

Do you pay for any podcasts?

If ‘Yes’ which podcasts? And do you subscribe monthly, quarterly, yearly?

If ‘No’ why don’t you?

Have you donated to The Unexplained? If ‘no‘ why not?

How likely are you to recommend ‘The Unexplained’ to a friend?

Do you have accounts for any of these social media platforms?

Thank you for completing this poll.


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