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About Howard

British broadcaster/journalist Howard Hughes learned his craft interviewing high profile figures like British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Prince Albert of Monaco and celebrities like David Bowie and Lionel Richie. He reported live from Ground Zero – and covered events like the death of Princess Diana and the 7/7 terror attack on London in 2005. That day he was live on air for 13 hours. He covered two anniversaries of 9-11 at Ground Zero and met rescuers and people who were in New York on the day of the atrocity. Howard holds one of the UK’s most important radio accolades – the IRN Gold Award for Contribution to Commercial Radio.

For more than a decade Howard was the “go to” radio newsman on UK commercial radio’s biggest show – the Chris Tarrant Breakfast Show on Capital Radio (3 million daily listeners). He travelled the world for and with the show – from New York to Cape Town to Hawaii to Sydney – at one stage he was flying 60,000 miles a year. He has also presented talk and music shows and provided live voiceovers for some of the biggest UK television shows.

With a lifelong interest in paranormality,space and science, Howard wanted to bring his hard news and broadcasting skills to a UK radio show. That’s why he created The Unexplained. The show has been running on radio and online for 15 years. Howard owns the format, website and title.

Some of the guests – like Uri Geller, Richard C Hoagland , Seth Shostak from SETI and Harvard Space Professor Avi Loeb – have become friends over the years. The roster is a “Who’s Who” including Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Al Bielek from the Philadelphia Experiment, Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore and world famous Investigator Linda Moulton Howe. Subjects tackled range from Bigfoot to Time Travel. The online show is heard worldwide – with a huge US and UK fanbase that grows week by week.

Howard currently presents a weekly show for the BBC and also does a weekly live version of The Unexplained for national commercial station talkRADIO. He is a voiceover for radio and tv and for live events like the 2018 IRN Awards and the ARIA Radio Awards 2018.