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The Unexplained Live 2022 - Meet Howard And The Show's Best Guests!

VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! This Special Edition of The Unexplained explains how YOU can meet, see and hear - up close and personal - some of the very best guests who've EVER been on The Unexplained and enjoy the holiday of this - or any other - lifetime! Hear stories of Ufology, space, ghosts and the afterlife - and enjoy an all-inclusive Mediterranean cruise experience with TUI/Marella Cruises - aboard the marvellous Marella Explorer. It all starts October 28th in Corfu - calling at Malta, Majorca and stunning, sunsoaked Spanish locations Valencia, Alicante, Almeira and Cadiz - all ending at Tenerife or Gran Canaria (your choice). Flights, food and drinks and tips all included. Find out more on the Special Edition **Howard is hosting The Unexplained events - the holiday is provided by TUI/Marella who can answer any and all questions through the TUI/Marella website**

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