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'ey la'!

I wanted to write a quick message to say I thought the show recorded in your home patch was a real treat (as are all your shows, but I liked how often you slipped into your Scouse accent!). I hope that in the future you could maybe travel to other locations for a similar show.The Unexplained with HH is THE best start to a new week.Ta Ra!x

Great Show

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Howard for making such a great show, I listen to it most Sunday nights when I can (I work a lot of night shifts) and really enjoy it

Vic Mignona

Absolutely brilliant choice. His Star Trek Continues is a work of pure genius, and his acting is an uncanny homage to Shatner, completely without parody. But he does an astonishing range of other things. One of the best interviews I've done anywhere.


Im a long time listener, who appreciates the weather report. Love your calm and reasonable manner. Just cancelled some other podcast subscriptions , due to hosts rudeness. Doubled my small contribution to The Unexplained. Thanks for your excellent show Howard.

Best paranormal podcast out there

I love this podcast. I found this podcast more than 5 years ago and haven't missed an episode since. When I go on long drives for work or personal reason I make sure to download lots of the back catalog and always end up wishing the drive was a few hours longer when I arrive at my destination.

My favourite podcast

Hi Howard. Discovered your podcast over a year ago and I've been hooked on it ever since. Love the new design of your website and my guilty pleasure is going through the vaults of early shows and listening to some legends of UFOs, poltergeists, haunting and crypid research and lore who are sadly no longer with us. Keep it up howard and God bless.

H-Man rocks!

I just want to say I’m so glad I found this podcast. I love Howard and how he interviews his guests, and also how he describes everything. I’ve been listening to his shows from the very beginning and am current at episode 145! I really hope this continues into the distant future. Thank you Howard you are awesome!


Just listened to the John Koerner podcast regarding JFK Jr. What a great show. I really liked your line of questioning. Inquisitive and you got a lot of great information. One of my favorite shows is one you did with Lionel Fanthorpe. It's an older podcast but I listen to it over and over. I use your podcast when I work from home. I can work for hours and listen to your show. It's so great. Don't know if anyone has mentioned this to you, but your voice is a big plus. You have made a fan down here in the southern most tip of Texas, USA!Loyal listener.

A simple but sincere thank you Howard

Stanton Friedman was always one of favorite guest and I’m deeply saddened by his passing. Thank you Howard for taking the time to do a tribute podcast. As always, a class act from one of the best, and our favorite podcast. Thank you.

Your Shows and Style

Dear Howard,I have loved and followed your show for many years now, great stuff and great guests.......!!Love the new Website... Many Thanks to your Webmaster, Adam.....Please Howard, give us more Flat Earth, which I never gave any weight to before I listened to Mr Mark Sargent being interviewed by your good self, not so sure now !!!Mr Sinclair was also a great guest give us some more soon please...Love you Howard , AKA...UK's Art Bell......

just to say..

Great show! should be on BBC Radio. Much love, Fuzzy Dunlop

Fantastic show & website

Hi Howard,I've been listening to your shows for about 5 years now and I always look forward to your weekly podcasts. I also really like the new website although to be honest I don't come on here that often as I rely on my Podcast Addict app to keep me up to date with your latest episodes.My only recommendation is that you offer a subscription which provides something over and above a non-payer would receive. In the meantime, I'm more than happy to continue making my small monthly donation towards your show because as I see it, receiving 4/5 episodes per month is worth at least a fiver surely!

Quick edit in time..?

Eager for the next show Howard, not waiting!!! Thanx

If you like questing podcasts..

Man words are difficult to be succinct, but Howard always comes through, a very fair, open minded and informed interviewer, once you have sampled a few from the archives you will be hooked for the latest.. well done on the new site!


Love the show and have been listening for a few years. Would love a show about the cauldrons in Siberian Valley of death.

Greetings from Down Under

I love your podcast! I listen to it every day driving to and from work. I found your podcast when I Googled 'unexplained lights in the sky' after having multiple UFO sightings. I thought I was going crazy, but now I have come to the firm conclusion that there is SO much more to the universe than I had ever thought possible. Your podcast makes me realise that normal, intelligent people see and experience strange and unusual things.... it doesn't make me a crackpot. I love the way you seem to ask your guests the questions I would have asked too (but in a much more professional manner) :o)Keep up the good work!!! And come to Australia! There are plenty of groups here who would love to hear you talk in person.

Thank You

Dear Howard, found your podcast quite by accident a few years ago while searching the internet for interesting shows on the unexplained and unsolved mysteries Needless to say once I found your podcast I stopped looking and I've been listening ever since. Im hooked. Now I wait (im)patiently and check the website weekly for a new episode ! It's like Christmas to a small child... I can't wait to see what the next podcast is going to be about. I love your show and the revamped website. Always keep on keeping on. Much love!

Listener for 2 months, fan for life. Fan, not fanatic. :D

Hello from the San Joaquin valley in central California.Hi there, Mr. Hughes. I only just discovered you and your show(and podcast players)about 10 or 12 weeks ago. You are my favorite. By far.At first, I liked the fact that you don't have co hosts who ramble on and constantly interrupt each other. After listening to several episodes, I noticed your voice has a very soothing effect on me. Also, I like that you don't dumb things down to your listeners. You have a great personality and a very likeable character about you. Now I listen to at least 2 of your episodes every night.It's how I decompress before bed. Plus, it gives me awesome adventure dreams sometimes. I've been interested in these subjects since childhood. As I like to say to my favorite people...You rock!!:)

Please do a show on soul retrieval

I listen to your show almost daily driving to and from work. I really enjoy the subjects and guest that appears on your podcast.

Love the Website

Hi Howard,Long time listener to your fantastic show - I love the new Website , very slick I must see.Always fascinated with the un-explained and often wander if any of the Un-explained will be explained one day . this is why you have this great show I guess. Keep up the good work!Tim.

New Subscriber

Hi just recently found the podcasts on itunes of which i now subscribe,very interesting listening,i especially like the u.f.o. & ghost podcasts ,keep up the good work


Hi Howard I’m an English man living and working in the champagne region of France . I work for champagne Taittenger in the region of Aube mostly driving a tractor in there vine yards, i use your podcast too pass the long days driving . I would just like to take this opportunity to thankyou for the podcast and request a shout-out so my son could hear it thankyou

Thank You

Thank you for all that you are doing, Howard. You act as a looking glass into the many mysteries that surround us. Please keep polishing the lens . . . The new website looks impressive and better organised now. Bob Tibbitts, Coventry, UK

Love show

Love the show.

Good to see it going forward

Hello Howard, the new Website looks splendid! I will have a good look around and see if I can find anything broken ;)Your Podcast is a steady part of my life, I listen to it every time I am on longer drives or while at work. Thank you for all your work!Ben

More Ancient Civilisation

Hi, Been a listener to your shows on and off for years. Anyway, It would be interesting if you had Graham Hancock or Robert Bauval back on the show as its been a few years. I listen mainly while playing darts or walking around Stanley Park.

Congratulations Howard

Hey Howard,Just a quick message to say congratulations on the new website which is fabulous and to say thankyou for the hours of entertainment you've given me over the years Ive been with you from day one and before that listened to you on Talk Radio.

Eeriness for the ears...

Look at your new website being all fancy! Worth the wait and the work put into it.I've been listening since the first TalkRadio. I think when it became TalkSport you were no more to be theatre of the ears there (?) and you were missed. When I heard TalkR was coming back I IMMEDIATELY wondered if you'd be back and almost suggested to The Boss (of the station, not Iain Lee) you should bring back the Unexplained (didn't have to, I heard you actually were going to do it).Your show is my favourite part of my radio week, and thanks for the podcasts for when you're on air. It's good to hear the podcast about David Kelly in its entirety. I'm mostly a fan of the conspiracy and paranormal subjects and look forward to another interview with David Paulides in the future. Even when the guests are a's always entertaining if not always educating and thought provoking.Still would love to hear something about Number Stations at some point!You're smashingLove and grateful thanks X

Looks Great

The new site looks great- congratulations. Have enjoyed the podcast for many years particularly conspiracy threads. David Icke ones are favourites as are those around Hitlers escape/JFK etc. Keep up the great work!

Thanks you Howard for supporting open minds around the globe!

This show has been an important part of my life now for five years. Because of life demands and my many other study subjects, I have been less able to keep up my studies on the paranormal, but this show keeps me informed more than I could with my own study. I have learned about so many new topics I never even knew about through this show, like shadow people and time slips to name a very few. Howard is very professional, as well as extremely kind, and hosts guests of all perspectives and expertise. But his guests are always well informed and well spoken. I love the new website, specifically the guest roster. I occasionally hear a name that sounds familiar and think "Did I hear them on The Unexplained"? Now, I can easily check. Thank you Howard for all that you do.

This website is rockin'!

Hi Howard & Craig! I just wanted to commend you guys on the new website. Your work is highly appreciated out here in ol' Texas!

Absolutely the best!!

The Unexplained is simply the best podcast of its type. Supremely hosted with guests that include the big names you would expect. A must for those of you may suspect there is more to the visible and tangible. Equally importantly Howard’s choice of guests are often very original and utterly thought provoking. And there’s no ads. Listen to the recent Anthony Peake episode. Brilliant!!

The best podcast out by light years.

Great podcasts, so many fantastic guests. But the best of all is Howard Hughes, he knows how to interview and doesn’t let the guests BS without challenging them. I recommend this to all my friends & family, keep going Howard!!!

Looking very swanky

The website looks beautiful and what I've used so far works great. I'm all excited about recommending one of my absolutely favorite podcasts to my friends, the newly-out-to-me para-curious. Howard's work makes it much much easier for me to come out about my revived interest in the unexplained. I feel like we've got a canny, respected ally we can point to and say, go here, have a listen, then let's talk!

G'day from down under

Hi Howard A big thank you for all the work you put into the show. It's a must listen podcast - I subscribe via iTunes and listen on the way to work in the car. I enjoy the weather updates, it helps me feel a bit cooler when you've got snow and we have 40 degree on some days. Plus it helps me as a listener connect to you as the presenter. Getting to know podcasters is something I enjoy as a sterile voice on the radio is not as inviting as a genuine and real person who shares as you do. Keep seeking the truth mate!

Love the new look website!

Hi Howard, just thought I'd stop by and check out the new mobile friendly website. It looks awesome.....A web world full of weirdness and wonder!Thank you for doing what you do,Craig

So nice to listen to a podcast without irritating adverts

Great Podcast, I've been listening for around 3 years, some interesting topics and some topics that really make you think, others are just a little bit out there but so nice to listen to a podcast without irritating adverts, keep up the great work.

Great Show Brilliant Broadcaster

I have been listening since 2017. Howard is unparalleled amongst professional broadcasters and steers his show to get the best out of his guests. Always interesting. Always thoughtful. Always good!


Thanks for your excellent Podcast!I have been listening for the past 4 years or so and enjoyed the variety of guests that have been featured.And I love the way you let them talk and don't constantly interject with your own opinions. I want to be able to make up my own mind on what they have to say - and you allow your listeners to do just that.Keep up the good work!

Love the show

Something different to the mainstream shows. Have listened to most podcasts more than once. Please keep it going

Excellent podcasts (and broadcasts!)

I've been listening to Howard's work for some time now, and his high standards of journalism and professionalism shine in every interview and discussion. Great guests and topics, enlightening conversations, and plenty of curiosity and intelligence: The Unexplained is my favorite podcast for all those reasons. Well worth your time, give it a listen. You'll be glad you did.

More than entertainment, it’s an education.

The one podcast I just can’t wait to listen to. For a number of years I’ve listen and absorbed the fantastic shows from the very talented Howard Hughes. Howard has a superb way of guiding his guests through their interviews in his uniquely professional manner. Extracting every ounce of information, facts, speculations and opinions. Leaving the listener to ultimately make up their own minds. If you’ve not tuned in, your missing out. Thank you for prodding my inquisitive mind and opening my eyes to some of the best unexplained stories and conspiracies most people have probably never encountered. Keep up the excellent work.

Love the new website

Howard excellent new website ... long time listener keep doing what you are doing the more a lot of this stuff is pushed into the main stream the better!

Long may it continue...

I have been listening to the unexplained for a number of years and it is one of the best podcasts out there. Howard is a great interviewer and has some very interesting guests on the show. Thankyou for your continuous effort and enthusiasm throughout the years. p.s Loving the new look website!

Best podcast for the paranormal

I've been listening since 2014, and the unexplained is the best podcast of its category. I use the podcast for my commute. Howard love thw new website as well. Keep up the good work!!!

Essential listening

If you want real stories and real substance this show is an absolute must listen. Been listening for years and it's the only show that tells it how it is! Great and interesting guests, Howard is a 'one off'!

Best show of its kind there is

This is the only show I like. I have listened to all episodes for years, and I still keep coming back. Howard, you are a professional and it shows in how you carry the show along, your professionalism is what I think gives the show that extra distinctiveness that others do not have. I am loving the new website, I find it functional, I like the Categories and Guests section and that it is searchable. You have an impressive and diverse back catalog. I wish that with the new website the show is propelled further into the future.

superb show

Hi I have been listening to the show for about 10 years now. This show has got me through some pretty challenging decorating jobs and I often listen to the show in the bath where I can hear the show in peace without the kids or wife butting in haha. Howard has a fantastic interviewing technique and a very soothing voice.keep up the good work Howard and may you go on for many years with your great show.

Great Show!

Congratulations on the new site. It is clean, well-organized, and fits your show nicely. A fantastic job by you and Adam!I'll be listening!

Never miss it!

Hi Mr Hughes,great show never miss it,luv the new website 😁 much respect 🙌 Do you or have you seen a channel called ''? Great channel,I watch it on kodi...Have a good show ,Ade,Sarah n Indi 👍


Loving the new website. Easy to search and navigate! Just a quick note to say I enjoy every radio show and podcast! Shame not all the shows are available to download! Have you ever thought about a live cast on you tube? Or setting up a cam so all shows can be shown?

Simply the best podcast available

I have been listening to Howard since 2006 and despite listening to other podcasts, his are simply the best.If you have time listen to the back catalogue,some fantastic shows.

Excellent podcast

Well done Howard. Like the new website and would happily pay a monthly subscription.

New Website

The new website looks great Howard. Thanks for your continued hard work with The Unexplained, long may it continue!

New website now active great

New website now active great. Only comment, I miss the guest pictures on the selection for the podcasts. You have U everywhere. Consider putting the guest picture back on the selectionEmailed you many times, great show If in Toronto Canada email me and come over

Love it

Been listening since your Talk Sport days back in 2005

Looking great!

Hi HowardJust stopped by to check out the new website. It's looking great ! Loved the recent podcast with Fevzi. AI is scary. 😳All the best, Craig.

Great voice for sleep!

My wife and I love the show and have been listening for years. She says your voice is brilliant and soothing, intact she has to have the show on to get to sleep! When she wakes up in the middle of the night she tells me to put it on again. Our favourite subject is UFOs and the Alan Godfrey being number 1. Keep up the good work.

Brilliant Show

Always waiting for the latest podcast! Love the new look to the website well done.Keep up the great work guys!

good luck

looks swish good luck with the new look steve

Great Shows... always...

Just wanted to say “Great Shows... always...” I listen on my way to work on night shift and during my work period as Night Merchandiser at a local store...


Absolutely love the show, really look forward to it. Best of its kind by far, and there are some good ones!

"Jolly good show old boy!"

Dear Howard, I discovered your show about 6 or 8 weeks ago and I am catching up with all your old shows, I just finished edition 227 with Graham Hancock from 2015 and I enjoy almost every one of your shows. However, I did manage to see on You Tube "David Icke on Howard Hughes" and I found the comments on you to be terrible and I also defended your show. Its strange how some people have such extreme views, but like you say, its an open forum and everybody has their views. keep up the good work. Thanks and take care.

Howard's in a league of his own

In this technological era, anybody can pick up a microphone and record a podcast. Howard uses his extensive background in journalism to approach these subject in a unique manner. I love the fact he's not afraid to ask his guests the hard questions compared to others. A great variety of subjects so there's something for everyone here. Can't recommend enough.


Listening to the show for about 5 years-love it and ur show on talk radio. Truly excellent!!!


The podcast that sets the standards for all the rest.

The show helps me learn

I’m currently getting ready to sit my GCSE’S and I can’t say thank you enough. Your real science podcasts have helped me in answering exam questions successfully ... the unexplained helps everybody !