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10 Freaky Horror Movies to Stream on Shudder

The scariest horror movies are often the ones that present a version of reality where madness feels like it’s just part of the atmosphere, and evil is slowly infecting everything in the frame. These 10 picks from Shudder all have the power to make your skin crawl—and push your imagination to very dark places.

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Company Creates AI Voice Filter That Turns Angry Screams into Calm Speech

A Japanese company has developed an artificial intelligence filter that can detect angry screams and translate them into calm speech in order to reduce the stress experienced by call center operators. Large tech companies have long been aware of the stress their call center operators are exposed to every single day, with many customers taking […]The post Company Creates AI Voice Filter That Turns Angry Screams into Calm Speech first appeared on Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities.

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New insights into how cell shape influences protein transport rates

When a cell spreads out or changes its shape to adapt to its environment, the transport rate of proteins between the nucleus and cytoplasm changes. Previously, scientists assumed this change was caused by a shift in the size of the nuclear envelope's pores; however, recent research findings have discovered an alternate explanation.

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Now Is Finally the Best Time to Run the Android 15 Beta

If you’re a diehard Android user who can’t wait a couple of more months for Android 15, now is the best time to check out the beta. The third beta of Android 15 started rolling out several days ago and officially hit Platform Stability. That means that developers can code their apps to this version of Android without…

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Oh No, It's the M3GAN Cin3matic Univ3rs3

There’s a new eerily lifelike android coming from the same tech universe that created M3GAN—but this one’s aimed squarely at adults. Fans of the Blumhouse killer AI doll movie will recall that the invention’s files slipped out of company HQ, which could be the thread leading to the plot of the upcoming spin-off Soulm8t…

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The Dark Universe Begins Again at Universal's Theme Park

Universal Studios would not be the premiere cinematic experience theme park without the Universal Monsters. Influencing filmmakers from Spielberg to Peele, they are the blueprint of thrills and it’s about damn time that the almost century-old fandom will finally get its due with Epic Universe’s Dark Universe, the…

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