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Thank you

We love to listen together ! Thanks for a great show.We appreciate your thoughtful, trustworthy, entertaining and even handed interviews. We appreciate what you do . Thank you

Thank you!

I really enjoy listening to the podcast. The subjects from episode to episode always keep me engaged, and they're never too repetitive. Some podcasts become known for that "one thing" they do, but Howard's podcast has such variety. I really appreciate that. Thank you for producing great content with intriguing guests.

Huge fan

Thank you for what you do! I love listening to your shows and guests. It’s what I listen to when I’m feeling down because the way you speak is like you’re talking to me directly. Keep up the good work! Love your show!

Thanks for over 15 years of bringing discussions on the unexplained to peoples homes!

Happy New Year Howard!Thanks for all you do with the show, I have been a listener of the podcast for the past two years (I know, late to the party).I have been interested in the unexplained since I was a boy, and through your show I can keep abreast of the goings on.Have a great year, and keep up the good work!All the best,Jez


Hi Howard, I absolutely love your site and podcasts. Discovered you about a year ago. I've just turned 61, and remember your voice from IRN days! Great to hear you again. I'm working my way through all your content and get spooked on my long drive home from work on empty late night roads listening to your guests. Got to say that your own story about the cloven hoofed character freaked me out good and proper! Thank you for pursuing your dream. :-)


Just stumbled on your podcast and been going on a little marathon! Loving it! Perfect for when I always wake up at about 3 am. Was hoping it would help me sleep but find it too interesting. Keep up the awesome interviews.

All the very best for 2022

Thanks for playing the Canoe Man mystery. It's one of my favourite strange real life tales, and I like to hear more about it. Fascinating story.Wishing you a peaceful Yule and New Year X

Number 1 podcast

Dear Howard, I’d just like to say how much I love your shows and your interviews with your guests. Keep up the great work, I look forward to your shows each week. Thanks!

Great show!

Look forward to this programme, Mr Hughes has a Great Voice, I'm so glad the show is open to all unexplained things. Have A great week From Jane

Loving the content

Howard just a short note to say my wife Helen and I really enjoy your shows we can’t wait for the next show constantly trying to refresh my podcasts to see if you have uploaded another episode. Looking forward to the next episode regards Jason

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful podcasts! I am a fairly new listener and am in the process of picking out the subjects (manly UFO / UAP) Please keep up the great work.Very best wishes. Dave.

Exploring Your Archive

I've been a listener for several years now and have recently begun exploring the shows in your archive. I'm retired and have begun playing your programs thru the day on smart speakers I have throughout my home. Your guests are entertaining and educational as they present their views; and even if I don't agree with them all, I certainly enjoy listening to them!


Hi Howard.I am a new(ish) listner and love you're show. And I like the fact that you put the weather and time of year in. It's a little quantum parcel. 😁

One of the Greats!

I'm a long time listener and I have been meaning to tell you that, you ,sir, are one of the greats! Your interviewing skills are second to none, and you've got the BEST "radio" voice. Love your podcast! Thank you for all of your hard work!

This has been a rabbit hole I don't want to get out of!

Your podcasts get me through the week ever since I discovered you! Thank you for being a voice to those of us who know this isn't just 'it'.

Great Podcaster

Howard I just wanted to say again that I thoroughly enjoy your show and you are by far my favourite host of any podcast. So professional, funny, kind and most importantly down to earth and it's clear to see that your many years of journalism and radio presenting have paid off. Do not change a thing that you do because it would NOT BE YOU!People often have their own thoughts on how to change someone's way of speaking / acting / behaving etc, maybe they should host their own podcast and see how far they get! Your show is fantastic and I love it. Thank you Sir Howard Hughes.

Excellent show!

As a lorry driver I spend many hours driving around the country, your podcast keeps me going in the wee small hours and throughout the day! Have made a small donation as your very much deserve it with all the hard work you put in. Please keep it going as I'm now slowly making my way through the archive!Thank you Howard.

Thank you

Hi Howard. The podcast is awesome. I've been listening to a few good years now. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for everything you do

Dear Howard. Greetings from an old Brit living in the USA.As a long time listener I never cease to be impressed with your professionalism and your ability to find interesting guests with a broad selection of perspectives on the world of the unexplained. I know you encounter many challenges to bring your show to us and I just want to thank you for all you do. Thanks again Howard. You are doing important work.

Great Show....keep up the quest for truth and knowledge

We need people like you to keep shining a light into the corners Howard.Keep the good guests coming and the truth is out there, somewhere.


Loved your Guest from Norway Tere. On the subject of Telepathy Howard try it yourself. I believe it has to be worked at like any language. We do it without thinkin normally.

Radio highlight !

Hi Howard , I'm an avid listener to your podcasts .Your enthusiasm for the subjects you discuss means that you always ask the most pertinent questions.Keep up the great work.

Excellent Interviewer

The title says it all.

Thank you for your work.

Howard, your Unexplained podcast has been a calming voice to me over last two years. During the lock down and the 6 months of furlough I had between March to September you helped me out on many sleepless nights by giving me something other then Covid to think about.Stay safe Howard and keep up the good work.

Joining the dots

Hi Howard. Big fan of the show and podcasts. Very interesting show with Luis on Sunday night. Keep up the fantastic work Sharon

Keep up the good work!

The Unexplained with Howard Hughes is quite simply the best podcast covering the paranormal that I have heard. During lockdown when I was shielding for many months I listened to a great many such podcasts covering a multitude of anomalous phenomena from all over the world but The Unexplained is by far the best and Howard is the governor. No question.

Thank you for the hours of great content!

Thank you for providing hours upon hours and years and years of background entertainment for me while I do my, at times, monotonous job.You're objective and poignant questions are seriously a refreshing thing to hear coming from where I do. Looking forward to many more years!Best wishes,Chace E.Austin, TX - USA

Debbie Kauble intervie

Howard, Debbie Kaubel is the absolute real deal no question. 100% 1 hour is nowhere near enough to interview Debs.Kind Regards Lisa


Hi Howard, I've stumbled across this very interesting website. Looking forward to delving into your archive.

Great show

Brilliant website and show been a fan since the beginning.


Absolutely love your show!! IMO you are the next Art Bell... Keep up the great work Mr. Hughes!!

Great show.

Thanks for your show & podcasts, for me you are the only sensible broadcaster in this country that I have listened to on these subjects.Great work and very much appreciated, thank you.

Edition 540 - Dr Piero Calvi Parisetti

Thank you Howard and Dr Parisetti. Listening to this show gave me a new perspective on past events and life experience in general. I particularly like the guests from the UK who have done their own research and who are lesser known. Thank you.

You are a gem!

Been listing for over a year. Was a long time Coast listener from early Art Bell Days. You are a better interviewer than Art, who was very good, and much better than George is. I love your humility and preparation and world class interviewing skills. Having no commercials gives you unbroken blocks of time to explore more in depth. I listen in the evening while taking walks, very relaxing and interesting especially when it's dark. I feel your friendship. Thanks from a monastery in Los Angeles.Brother Ted

Long time listener...

Love the show Howard. I started listening to your show back in 2012 I think. I got fit for my wedding running 3-4x a week with your podcast keeping me company in 2013. More recently, it’s helped me cope with the nightmare that was 2020. Needless to say, 2020 was tough. But running with your podcasts helped me massively. Keep up the awesome shows. Al from Aylesbury

Best ever!

I just love your podcast! As an over the road truck driver, your podcast makes my driving actually enjoyable!

Hither to unknown listener.

These are the best podcasts. More interesting subjects and such a wide range of different things, some down to Earth some in space and everything in between. And of course, the best voice on radio. Have never commented before but have been listening for a couple of years and catch up with any I miss on the podcasts. Sorted. Thank you for all your hard work in making these shows and giving a platform to subjects that rarely get a serious airing. Keep up the good work.

Howard - The Consumate Professional

Howard - I discovered your show circa a year ago just at the start of the pandemic. Please continue all the great work you are doing, interviewing stellar guests in a masterful style that elicits information almost effortlessly. Your interviewing and broadcasting talents are becoming a rare thing amongst today’s generation of newer hosts and broadcasters and many would do well to listen to you and learn. With thanks and best wishes!

I appreciate you and your work

Hi Howard I wanted to take a second to drop you a note. I have listened for a while now and enjoy your show very much. More importantly is that I enjoy you. You are a gentleman and an excellent interviewer. Do not change a thing about your wonderful show. Cheers!

Captivating Podcasts from a fabulous Presenter

Hi Howard!I discovered your podcasts at the start of 2021. I’ve just finished listening to one of your latest podcasts (the PK man, episode 532). I’ve also been cherry picking through some of the subjects I find captivating- big cats & cryptozoology, as well as generally anything unexplained. I’m a big believer that we cannot accept history as it is currently written, as more and more new data is being discovered, more sites being found and analysed, and so many different theories on the origin of man which I find fascinating (thinking Bruce Fenton’s 780.000 years ago theory).Just wanted to say, I’ve been going out for 10km walks every day since the start of January, and you have accompanied me in my ears as the soundtrack to my current weight loss efforts. I’ve lost nearly 3 and a half stone.Oh, and take no notice of the naysayers... Personally I love to hear the little insights into what’s happening locally for you weather wise, little jaunts that you have enjoyed etc.Keep taking the time to sit in your Father’s old television-watching leather chair and captivating us. Your loyal audience. Art Bell would be proud of you, I’m sure.And if you’re ever out East Kirkby way, drop me a message! Be safe, take care, Thankyou for entertaining us all and helping us to open up our minds.

1 year this week

Been listening for 1 year this week i find some of the guests quite amazing but yiou cant beat paul sinclair for his dedication his books are riverting cant wait until lockdown is lifted so i can visit bempton and surroundimg areas

Love the show

Love the show and so many amazing guests long may it continue, you often keep my company while I work .All the best from Liverpool


Just listened to your superb show with Dr Steven Greer. What a remarkable man and certainly tenacious all these years in getting the message across to humanity, despite the threats. If ever you wanted to know whether something is 'truth', just notice how the MSM ridicules and obsfucates it - that should point the way! It was always going to be down to us (Humanity) to get the ball rolling and Dr Greer is showing us the way. All we need to do is wake up!

Egg Yolk

Howard! I have been listening to your podcast for 8 years now. It was the first podcast I ever started following. I have always listened to your podcast while working or on long trips. When I started listening to your podcast I was working for a gourmet popcorn company working in an old house that was once a nunnery making popcorn all night and packing orders. That house was very haunted and listening to you over the speakers made it a lot more bearable. I've listened to your podcast at a lot of different jobs. From a Butcher Shop, doorman at a bar, working in a book store, and my favorite job, doing bike delivery. Now I work in claims for a large health insurance company and still make time to listen to your show. Every time someone asks for suggestions on podcasts I send them your way. I have started my writing my own series of small zines about the supernatural and mysteries called Barely Surviving. Huge Fan!Love ya!Jordan

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thanks for all the great interviews!

Thank you, Howard

You have the most professional voice and demeaner in the biz!


Congrats on the big 500! Keep up the great work, including the radio show - thanks for all these years of content and especially helping me stay sane whilst working from home!

New Listener

Have recently started listening and really enjoy your show! Keep up the good work.

Clearly, this is brilliant... Thank you

What can one say? Well done to all those involved in bringing us these podcasts. The comments in this guest book are truly a testament to how well everybody connects to the subjects, the people interviewed and of course Howard's gentile fireside manner. I only discovered The Unexplained podcasts recently but, as others have said, they have provided gripping, thought provoking and remarkable dialogue at a time when we all want to escape and be engaged in something other than the drudgery of what is happening at the present time. How lovely that others have said it beats their loneliness. That's a win in anyone's book. Howard, thanks, please keep going, and please keep up with the weather reports. A beautifully British trait!! Happily made a donation to keep this going. Fab.

Montauk and other things

Hi Howard, Just leaving a note to say congratulations on your 500th show recently. Your podcast has been staple listening to me for three years now and is especially enjoyed on my long drives from Brooklyn out to the The Hamptons on Long Island.I've visited Montauk's Camp Hero a few times when I go there and would love to hear an episode on the alleged experiments that took place there. I've been interested in the paranormal since I was seven years old and devoured books on the subject from an early age, so to have your show is a blessing. I think your show is fantastic, your professionalism stands you out above other podcast on such topics and I always look forward to the latest episode. Thank you. Tom (Nottingham lad now in New York)

Listening through the back catalogue

A heartfelt thank you for the hours & hours of entertainment you've provided, I make a monthly donation as a small thank you for all you do. I recommend your show & podcast & if I see you in my Taxi you ain't paying my friend.I've recently started the back catalogue again it still as fresh today as 10 years ago when I started listening.I'd love to hear Brian Blessed interviewed by you. Believer in the Yeti, a trained cosmonaut & astronaut, Arctic explorer, Everest climber & he's not only met a living Diety but boxed against one too! What a guest


Mr. Hughes, thank you for many hours of fascinating and thought provoking entertainment I appreciate very much your courteous and thoughtful interview style, particularly in these days when such qualities are in dreadfully short supply.

Good Luck

Long time listener from when you were back on the radio. I think my mother called your show back in mid 2000s & spoke to a Psychic who made some comments that were kind of telling of my life at the time when I was still reletively young. After your radio show ceased I e-mailed you when I think you had just started the podcasts to state how important your show was to me and my family & asked you to keep at it which you kindly replied. Whilst, I've been off-radar for some time due to work, caring responsibilities and life in general which has been difficult following a number of deaths this year & my my own health now becoming poor. I just wanted to let you know how you impacted my quest for knowledge with your unique broadcasting style & enthusiasm and wish you the good luck for all your endeavours in 2021 and the future.

The 500th

Wow, great podcast for number 500, here’s to the number 1000. Thanks Howard

Jeff P

After listening to the 500th episode last night, I felt like I finally had to let you know, Howard, that your show means a lot to me. I'm a hardened believer in UFO's and a hopeful believer in Ghosts/Paranormal Activities, and you always have the best guests, ask the best questions, and have really found a way to strike a perfect balance between old school journalism and strange phenomena. Your interview with Jacques Vallee was masterful and you asked all the right questions. Thanks so much for your work and I hope the Unexplained is able to celebrate episode 1,000 some day.

Thanks for the show Howard

I discovered Howard’s show early on in the pandemic and have worked my way through the back catalogue over the past months. It re-ignited an interest in all things unexplained that began in childhood with experience of hauntings and a keen interest in ufology. Thanks Howard!

My favorite podcast.

Howard is the Art Bell of today. Great episodes, soothing voice, and wonderful interview skills and guest picks.

Love your weather reports

With the never ending heat of Florida not seeming to stop this year (27+), I love hearing about the brisk wet English weather. Also, it is nice to hear about what is going on in other countries, weather or otherwise. The critics will always be there, you can't make everyone happy. I think you are doing a great job and have done very well with this show and it is as worthy as Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM without its incessant commercials. Best of luck in 2021! Your fan in COVID hot zone Florida,Wain

Fantastic Podcast and Radio Show

Hi Howard,Just wanted to say that I love your podcast and the work you do. I listen to a different podcast almost every evening and really enjoy your guests and topics, they are varied extremely interesting. I am interested in ghosts mostly but cannot listen to the ghostly podcasts in the night time as I have to admit that I do get quite scared by them. Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts with the podcasts as I understand it must take a lot of time to complete the work that it all entales. I can't wait for the next week to come around as I love to hear the new podcasts. It really helps me sleep, in a good way.Again thank you and keep up the good work Howard. Take care and stay safe!Mark

Big thanks to you Howard

Hi I have started listening to your podcast for few months now Its the best podcast going for fans of this subject. I learn something new every podcast .the guests are fascinating , full of knowledge and greatly educated in there subject.Much love to you Howard from Jemma in West Midlands

Thank you 4 what you do...

As most people , I have spent a big part of this year alone and indoors. Thank God for Talkradio and discovering The Unexplained on a Sunday night. You have been great company for me.

Wonderful podcast

Howard achieves a wonderful balance of curiosity, scepticism and enthusiasm in his interviews. I only realise how good he is, when I listen to other podcasts. What also comes through, is his genuine warmth as a human being. You know he'd be a great person to have a pint with. Looking forward to show 500. And the next 500...

Catch up

Love listening whilst at work on a Monday afternoon, the joys of catch up

No More loneliness

Howard,I'm doing a 2 hr journey to work and back.Listening to the show is quite frankly the only thing that gets me through the day.You have a rare quality missing from today's shows, one where it feels like you are speaking to each and everyone of us, directly.Long may your show continue and I hope you continue to get the recognition you deserve.All the bestAndy

love the shows!

Hi Howard I have really been enjoying the show recently, keep up the good work. I liked the recent show with Phillip Mantle and Paul Sinclair is always a great guest. The show with David Ditchfield was great - what an amazing NDE! And the Malcolm Robinson show on the Sauchie poltergeist - very strange case. Thanks for putting the show out

Greetings from lock-downed Melbourne!

Love the show. Love Howard’s smooth radio voice. Love the guests he has on. Topics are varied. Great podcast to listen to before bed: helps one to drift off with all wonders of the imagination firing. Or listen anytime really! So thank you for publishing The Unexplained. I look forward to the feeds updating each couple weeks. Keep up the great work? Peace and love from COVID CENTRAL (formerly world’s most liveable city)!

Big Fan

Dear Howard, I listen to your show on the way to/from work and it provides me much entertainment and enlightenment. You're a great interviewer and have a warm and caring disposition. Thank you for all the great shows and for having humility and integrity in your work.

The Unexplained

I would like to say thank you for such a deeply, informative, exciting, scientific show.It can teach us all newer insight into the seemingly impossible.

Unexplained-We love it !!!!

Me and my partner listen to your show every Sunday we absolutely love it !!! So interesting, great speakers from all over and some really interesting experiences from so many different people. It has been great listening over the COVID pandemic, its taken our minds away from the virus thats taken over all of our lives :) Thanks Howard :)

Just found your Podcast.

Absolutely amazing podcast, each episode hooks me in and your honesty and direct questioning is admirable, so many podcast of a similar ilk are fluffy and do not push the guest on their claims or beliefs. I am, I guess, a Spiritualist due to my beliefs but I like to remain sceptical due to wanting to be taken for a ride and you ask the questions that need to be asked. Thank you so much for creating this podcast series and I will donate. Absolutely brilliant.


The range of anomalous events covered by Howard is quite broad and each has enough depth to satisfy most. Well researched and presented with clarity and a balanced scepticism makes it a pleasure to listen to. A consummate pro with voice to match - a rare combination these days. Each person has his or her form of escapism, much needed in times of stress/anxiety and the like. Thank you Howard and your team for a few hours of therapeutic audio.

One of my favourite radio programmes!

Used to listen on Talkradio, has interesting guests and Howard is a great presenter. Now checking out the podcasts, and donating to the cause. Keep up the good work :-)

UFO 's

Love your show, love your voice and your style. I've been UFO fascinated for a long time, and I am really enjoying all your UFO guests.

Fantastic host, fantastic show!

Really just want to say how much I enjoy Howard's show. He is a great host. Always tries to be considerate/fair to the guests and the listener. I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t been picked up for an international radio show or something for Satellite radio. I also enjoy that he shares what’s happening locally for him too. The few minutes before the guest interview starts are just as welcome as the interview itself (it’s probably why fans like him so much, they get that added bit of connection). Anyhow, I’m ranting. It’s a great show!


I'm binge-listening to your show so I can avoid the news and the stress of all the madness which is happening now. I wish a UFO would come and collect me from all this insanity. I used to get the Unexplained magazine years ago in my teens then UFO magazine until the editor sadly died - why did nobody take up the mantle? I miss both magazines, so this is a good way to get my fix of everything unexplained and/or paranormal. Keep up the excellent work.


So glad I found this podcast .I have been interested in this subject all my life and I really look forward to listening!

Always left wanting more

Hey Howard Love your podcasts and radio show. Only discovering your show last year meant I had a lot too catch up on. I have listened to all your podcasts to date and will be making a donation in the near future when some normality returns. A donation is the least I can contribute for the hours upon hours of entertainment you and your guests have provided me with.Cheers Adrian

AGR: Always Great Radio

Howard,Always outstanding shows! Mind bending, thought provoking topics that make us all think, “what if.” And of course, delivered by a true pro with that “Smokey/Golden” voice!

Thankful for this podcast

I've been listening to Howard for a number of years now. I find the Unexplained to be one of the best produced, informative and solid shows you could find. Always gives me lots to ponder for days after each show. Give if a try if you are wanting quality programming. Thanks Howard and all involved!

Thank You

I live on a ranch in south central Texas with my closest neighbors about 2 miles away. Many nights you keep me company when others are sleeping. I have a very big house with many bedrooms with the sole occupant being me and my Labrador Retriever. I love to sit in my recliner with my dog at my feet and listen to your show. Especially during these days of isolation your wit and intelligence make the time race by and I thank you for that. The thought of you being in London and me listening to you in Texas makes the world seem smaller which in turn makes me feel warm and cozy. So, a big thank you from me, Lexy (my dog), 100 moma cows, 5 bulls, lots of baby calves, six barn cats and assorted wildlife deep in the heart of Texas.

Great Show !

Still love the show Howard. Diversity of your guests is great. I would like to hear from Lionel Fanthorpe again. Any plans for him to be back.

Favorite Podcast

Love the show, it is the best podcast and the one I most look forward to.

So many years thought I'd say hello Howard

Hi from Solihull , Been listening almost from the beginning , I always listen late at night when I go to.bed and during this lockdown love hearing all the interesting guests. Kinda wish there was more shows a week at this time as it's the one thing I really look forward to each week.Keep up the great workPaul

Wonderful shows!

I love listening to the podcasts. Howard - it would be fabulous if you would write a book detailing your story , and some of the very best stories that you have heard over the years. Thank you!!!

Texas Fan

Howard, I truly enjoy the professional and serious approach you take to your discussion of the supernatural. Thank you for your great shows!

Best of shows!

Howard, truly interesting show! Favorite episode is with Maria D'Andrea - “a very New York psychic”. Guest suggestion, Rick Beyer; author of the Greatest Stories Never Told book series. His work has been seen on The History Channel, A&E, and National Geographic Channel. Might be a harder one to reach out to but worth a try. Also, I must say you have the best podcast voice; makes listening even more enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

Nicole M.

Love your show Howard! I’ve been listening and enjoying your program for a few years but now in these uncertain times your show and voice provide a sense of comfort and a reassurance! Thank you for all your hard work and the passion you demonstrate in creating a top-notch program! You are a beacon of light to many around the world and I can’t express my gratitude enough! Cheers from Canada!

Kenny C

Love the show and the podcasts,will donate when this crisis is over.

My lullaby.

Howard, I love all your podcasts and radio broadcasts but your voice is like a lullaby to me so I fall asleep quite often. Luckily I listen in bed most nights so it’s not a problem, just takes me a few nights to get through a whole podcast. Just wanted you to know that you are a big part of my life and I would be lost without your podcasts and radio show. Love that you give everyone a platform to share their beliefs and story’s, so refreshing. Bravo Mr Hughes.

Love the show

I really enjoy your show. I've started listening to all the ones in your library now. Really interesting. Loved the shows with David Paulides. You should try to get William Sheehan author of the Bigfoot Terror in the Woods series on as a guest.:) Hope you are staying safe and healthy. - Valerie

Best show around

The show just keeps getting better Howard. The sound is still good even though you are working from home. A huge thank you from Sale, Manchester. Tracy

The best podcast ever

I really love the show, you make everything sound so interesting :) Conspiracy theories and UFOs are my favourites. I listen to your show at work. Thank you Howard.

Thank you!

Thank you Howard, for such a great and interesting show, covering a plethora of eclectic topics - much appreciated. You are impressively professional. Thank you.

Best show and podcast by a mile

Sunday nights have now become a regular routine early night with my iphone and my headphones! Howard has that rare ability to engage guests with an insightful yet at the same time curious style that soon becomes addictive. Keep up the great work Howard and listeners please donate, it's worth every penny!


More of John Hanson.Deserves more than one airing. Excellent show. Thanks Howard.

Love the show

Howard. I love your show and listen on my commute to work. Guest request (which I think might be difficult) would be David Wilcox. Also any author or member of the tv show The Curse of Oak Island. Have fun. I will make a donation for 2020.

The best in unexplained radio

Top quality show, hope it keeps going for years

David from New Lyme

I've been listening to your shows since I found them, off and on, for a couple years. I was looking for a suitable replacement for my Art Bell addictions. I'm now semi disabled, and recently, started listening alot, daily. I cannot express my gratitude for the torch you picked up and carry proudly, and so well. I hope to send donations soon, in gratitude and appreciation for all your work you've done, and continue to do. Thank You Howard. I'm now doing a couple shows a day, and loving it.

Great podcast!

I love listening to your podcast on the way home from work. Thank you for all the hard work you put into each episode, and all the thoughtful questions you as your guests.


Thanks for bringing a professional approach to many maligned subjects and guests. Makes a big difference for us who choose to view the often incredible true that we don’t or can’t research ourselves. Keep up the great work.


Hi Howard, just wanted to say thank you for bringing to us such a wide range of thought provoking and interesting listening. I have been an avid listener for a no of years now and always eagerly await each show. It was great to hear the Graham Phillips show, I have been reading the books of his and Andy Collins for some years. If you want another great guest on ancient mysteries then Andy is your man. Keep up the good work.

Art Bell and YOU!

Dear Howard,You blow my mind, i used to love Art Bell's radio show and so glad i found you. You are a legend, just like Art.Thank you for getting me through the dark cold days in my bedsit. Wibble onwards my good man.Donated.The Rule

Awesome podcast

Addicted to all your episodes; very good for my story writing. Keep up the good work. J

There you are!

Last week I discovered where you have been since leaving TalkSPORT in 2006 - very disappointed when you left, particularly given your replacement!I’ve only got 13 years to catch-up on! Very much looking forward to it though.

Holly W.

i love when you talk about the weather :)

Podcast catch ups

Love the podcasts while driving through the night. Use to listen to you on the old a.m. station and I'm sure I remember you from Chris Tarrant days in London in the 90s. Caught up to 2014 so far. Still 5 years behind. Love the predictions and theories given by some guests. Being so many years in front of what I'm hearing I listen with a smile. I sort of know how a time traveller would feel. I hope to catch up to 2019 sometime in 2020. Hope you're still going. Your quizzing of the guest is so professional, regardless of how outlandish the subject may seem to some or even yourself, you should be recognised by the broadcasting industry somehow. Keep up the good work and nice to hear you on national radio again.

Love the show

Just wanted to stop by and tell you I really appreciate your hard work and enjoy your show/podcast thanks !!!

Art of Sherwood

I have listened to every show for years and you just get better! I love the way you feed out the rope then gently reel them back with clear logic and fact. Genius or idiot you hold your own every time.Please don't stop .


Love the show Howard. I must have driven 100K miles plus listening to the podcasts over the last few years or so. Certainly brightens up each journey.Ever thought of taking the show on the road with some top guests?

Loving this Podcast

Discovered this podcast a year or so ago and it has become my favourite. The subject matter doesn’t always resonate, but I am always enthralled with Howard’s interviewing style. So many podcasts have become general conversations with too much talk-over and joking that I feel more like I am eavesdropping rather than engaged. This show feels conversational, intimate and educational all at the same time. Keep it up Mr. Hughes

Fantastic show, thank you.

I only discovered Talk Radio afew months ago during a prolonged stay in hospital. From there I found out about your Sunday evening show. Wonderful. A good mix between sometimes incredible and other times deeply thought provoking. Anyway, I am now going through the archived podcasts while looking forward to new episodes on Sunday.I have been interested in all forms of the unusual (often unexplained) since I was 9 years old and read my first 'von Daniken' book; I am now 56. I have had a number of 'experiences' during my life including at least 3 occasions when I truly believe somebody or something has stepped in to either save my life or prevent me from coming to serious harm, guardian angel perhaps or just human intuition... I don't know but I keep an open mind. I've witnessed (together with my wife) a fair few ghosts. These have been both human and animal by the way. Our house is home to a 'grey lady' and also a young girl who both appear irregularly. We've both seen and felt previously departed pets (a cat and a dog) either walk into the living room or jump onto the bed and snuggle down for the night. None of this is not and never has been the slightest bit unnerving or fearful it is very much accepting matter of fact for us. Add to the ghosts I have seen UFOs (a large cluster around the moon one night), dabbled with a makeshift ouija board which brought up my granddad's name. I also did some experimentation into Raudive (EVP) sounds which frightened me so much I could not speak. I recorded the very distinct sound of somebody coughing through the tape deck of my hi-fi. It turned out to be the incredibly sensitive stylus on my turntable that had picked up me coughing half way through the session! I have not tried that again.So, there you have it. A new and avid fan and listener. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you.Kevan


Stumbled onto this. I am now listening to an average of two shows per work day!

Thanks again

Hi Howard just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful interview with Elaine Kelly what a wonderful lady so joyful and was so easy to listen to thank you so much for your excellent interview with her it was a pleasure to listen to her & youMy coffee donation is on its way to you please keep up the great work Though the hybrid humans needs to go in the the box with flat earth theory I think are not for an old medic like me believable /but still again you give those who have a voice the time and respect to share those views New email for me but I am still Dawn in the high peak & whilst during my recovery you & your podcasts & radio shows have kept this 50 yr nurse sane and for that I thank you You are a joy in my life Howard & have kept my old grey matter ticking over Warmest regards as always Dawn

Gary Hestletine

Hello Howard, I just wanted to let you know I listen every week & enjoy around 98% of your guests, some I was surprised at enjoying ( not my subject ). my favourite "Listens" are on the subjects of Paranormal , UFO 's & crop circles etc. You have had some wonderfully knowledgeable people on your programme, Gary Hestletine, Paul Sinclair, Nick Pope, Malcolm Robinson, Fred Fogarty, Philip Mantle, Elaine Allan "live from Liverpool" & of course last nights Nick Groff. I always do a mental hands rub, as I know it will be a great interview when you announce any of these people will be reappearing, but the one I'm particularly waiting with bated breath for you to invite on again is the UK Bigfoot lady, the brilliant Debbie Hatswell . Regards Ann

'ey la'!

I wanted to write a quick message to say I thought the show recorded in your home patch was a real treat (as are all your shows, but I liked how often you slipped into your Scouse accent!). I hope that in the future you could maybe travel to other locations for a similar show.The Unexplained with HH is THE best start to a new week.Ta Ra!x

Great Show

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Howard for making such a great show, I listen to it most Sunday nights when I can (I work a lot of night shifts) and really enjoy it

Vic Mignona

Absolutely brilliant choice. His Star Trek Continues is a work of pure genius, and his acting is an uncanny homage to Shatner, completely without parody. But he does an astonishing range of other things. One of the best interviews I've done anywhere.


Im a long time listener, who appreciates the weather report. Love your calm and reasonable manner. Just cancelled some other podcast subscriptions , due to hosts rudeness. Doubled my small contribution to The Unexplained. Thanks for your excellent show Howard.

Best paranormal podcast out there

I love this podcast. I found this podcast more than 5 years ago and haven't missed an episode since. When I go on long drives for work or personal reason I make sure to download lots of the back catalog and always end up wishing the drive was a few hours longer when I arrive at my destination.

My favourite podcast

Hi Howard. Discovered your podcast over a year ago and I've been hooked on it ever since. Love the new design of your website and my guilty pleasure is going through the vaults of early shows and listening to some legends of UFOs, poltergeists, haunting and crypid research and lore who are sadly no longer with us. Keep it up howard and God bless.

H-Man rocks!

I just want to say I’m so glad I found this podcast. I love Howard and how he interviews his guests, and also how he describes everything. I’ve been listening to his shows from the very beginning and am current at episode 145! I really hope this continues into the distant future. Thank you Howard you are awesome!


Just listened to the John Koerner podcast regarding JFK Jr. What a great show. I really liked your line of questioning. Inquisitive and you got a lot of great information. One of my favorite shows is one you did with Lionel Fanthorpe. It's an older podcast but I listen to it over and over. I use your podcast when I work from home. I can work for hours and listen to your show. It's so great. Don't know if anyone has mentioned this to you, but your voice is a big plus. You have made a fan down here in the southern most tip of Texas, USA!Loyal listener.

A simple but sincere thank you Howard

Stanton Friedman was always one of favorite guest and I’m deeply saddened by his passing. Thank you Howard for taking the time to do a tribute podcast. As always, a class act from one of the best, and our favorite podcast. Thank you.

Your Shows and Style

Dear Howard,I have loved and followed your show for many years now, great stuff and great guests.......!!Love the new Website... Many Thanks to your Webmaster, Adam.....Please Howard, give us more Flat Earth, which I never gave any weight to before I listened to Mr Mark Sargent being interviewed by your good self, not so sure now !!!Mr Sinclair was also a great guest give us some more soon please...Love you Howard , AKA...UK's Art Bell......

just to say..

Great show! should be on BBC Radio. Much love, Fuzzy Dunlop

Fantastic show & website

Hi Howard,I've been listening to your shows for about 5 years now and I always look forward to your weekly podcasts. I also really like the new website although to be honest I don't come on here that often as I rely on my Podcast Addict app to keep me up to date with your latest episodes.My only recommendation is that you offer a subscription which provides something over and above a non-payer would receive. In the meantime, I'm more than happy to continue making my small monthly donation towards your show because as I see it, receiving 4/5 episodes per month is worth at least a fiver surely!

Quick edit in time..?

Eager for the next show Howard, not waiting!!! Thanx

If you like questing podcasts..

Man words are difficult to be succinct, but Howard always comes through, a very fair, open minded and informed interviewer, once you have sampled a few from the archives you will be hooked for the latest.. well done on the new site!


Love the show and have been listening for a few years. Would love a show about the cauldrons in Siberian Valley of death.

Greetings from Down Under

I love your podcast! I listen to it every day driving to and from work. I found your podcast when I Googled 'unexplained lights in the sky' after having multiple UFO sightings. I thought I was going crazy, but now I have come to the firm conclusion that there is SO much more to the universe than I had ever thought possible. Your podcast makes me realise that normal, intelligent people see and experience strange and unusual things.... it doesn't make me a crackpot. I love the way you seem to ask your guests the questions I would have asked too (but in a much more professional manner) :o)Keep up the good work!!! And come to Australia! There are plenty of groups here who would love to hear you talk in person.

Thank You

Dear Howard, found your podcast quite by accident a few years ago while searching the internet for interesting shows on the unexplained and unsolved mysteries Needless to say once I found your podcast I stopped looking and I've been listening ever since. Im hooked. Now I wait (im)patiently and check the website weekly for a new episode ! It's like Christmas to a small child... I can't wait to see what the next podcast is going to be about. I love your show and the revamped website. Always keep on keeping on. Much love!

Listener for 2 months, fan for life. Fan, not fanatic. :D

Hello from the San Joaquin valley in central California.Hi there, Mr. Hughes. I only just discovered you and your show(and podcast players)about 10 or 12 weeks ago. You are my favorite. By far.At first, I liked the fact that you don't have co hosts who ramble on and constantly interrupt each other. After listening to several episodes, I noticed your voice has a very soothing effect on me. Also, I like that you don't dumb things down to your listeners. You have a great personality and a very likeable character about you. Now I listen to at least 2 of your episodes every night.It's how I decompress before bed. Plus, it gives me awesome adventure dreams sometimes. I've been interested in these subjects since childhood. As I like to say to my favorite people...You rock!!:)

Please do a show on soul retrieval

I listen to your show almost daily driving to and from work. I really enjoy the subjects and guest that appears on your podcast.

Love the Website

Hi Howard,Long time listener to your fantastic show - I love the new Website , very slick I must see.Always fascinated with the un-explained and often wander if any of the Un-explained will be explained one day . this is why you have this great show I guess. Keep up the good work!Tim.

New Subscriber

Hi just recently found the podcasts on itunes of which i now subscribe,very interesting listening,i especially like the u.f.o. & ghost podcasts ,keep up the good work


Hi Howard I’m an English man living and working in the champagne region of France . I work for champagne Taittenger in the region of Aube mostly driving a tractor in there vine yards, i use your podcast too pass the long days driving . I would just like to take this opportunity to thankyou for the podcast and request a shout-out so my son could hear it thankyou

Thank You

Thank you for all that you are doing, Howard. You act as a looking glass into the many mysteries that surround us. Please keep polishing the lens . . . The new website looks impressive and better organised now. Bob Tibbitts, Coventry, UK

Love show

Love the show.

Good to see it going forward

Hello Howard, the new Website looks splendid! I will have a good look around and see if I can find anything broken ;)Your Podcast is a steady part of my life, I listen to it every time I am on longer drives or while at work. Thank you for all your work!Ben

More Ancient Civilisation

Hi, Been a listener to your shows on and off for years. Anyway, It would be interesting if you had Graham Hancock or Robert Bauval back on the show as its been a few years. I listen mainly while playing darts or walking around Stanley Park.

Congratulations Howard

Hey Howard,Just a quick message to say congratulations on the new website which is fabulous and to say thankyou for the hours of entertainment you've given me over the years Ive been with you from day one and before that listened to you on Talk Radio.

Eeriness for the ears...

Look at your new website being all fancy! Worth the wait and the work put into it.I've been listening since the first TalkRadio. I think when it became TalkSport you were no more to be theatre of the ears there (?) and you were missed. When I heard TalkR was coming back I IMMEDIATELY wondered if you'd be back and almost suggested to The Boss (of the station, not Iain Lee) you should bring back the Unexplained (didn't have to, I heard you actually were going to do it).Your show is my favourite part of my radio week, and thanks for the podcasts for when you're on air. It's good to hear the podcast about David Kelly in its entirety. I'm mostly a fan of the conspiracy and paranormal subjects and look forward to another interview with David Paulides in the future. Even when the guests are a's always entertaining if not always educating and thought provoking.Still would love to hear something about Number Stations at some point!You're smashingLove and grateful thanks X

Looks Great

The new site looks great- congratulations. Have enjoyed the podcast for many years particularly conspiracy threads. David Icke ones are favourites as are those around Hitlers escape/JFK etc. Keep up the great work!

Thanks you Howard for supporting open minds around the globe!

This show has been an important part of my life now for five years. Because of life demands and my many other study subjects, I have been less able to keep up my studies on the paranormal, but this show keeps me informed more than I could with my own study. I have learned about so many new topics I never even knew about through this show, like shadow people and time slips to name a very few. Howard is very professional, as well as extremely kind, and hosts guests of all perspectives and expertise. But his guests are always well informed and well spoken. I love the new website, specifically the guest roster. I occasionally hear a name that sounds familiar and think "Did I hear them on The Unexplained"? Now, I can easily check. Thank you Howard for all that you do.

This website is rockin'!

Hi Howard & Craig! I just wanted to commend you guys on the new website. Your work is highly appreciated out here in ol' Texas!

Absolutely the best!!

The Unexplained is simply the best podcast of its type. Supremely hosted with guests that include the big names you would expect. A must for those of you may suspect there is more to the visible and tangible. Equally importantly Howard’s choice of guests are often very original and utterly thought provoking. And there’s no ads. Listen to the recent Anthony Peake episode. Brilliant!!

The best podcast out by light years.

Great podcasts, so many fantastic guests. But the best of all is Howard Hughes, he knows how to interview and doesn’t let the guests BS without challenging them. I recommend this to all my friends & family, keep going Howard!!!

Looking very swanky

The website looks beautiful and what I've used so far works great. I'm all excited about recommending one of my absolutely favorite podcasts to my friends, the newly-out-to-me para-curious. Howard's work makes it much much easier for me to come out about my revived interest in the unexplained. I feel like we've got a canny, respected ally we can point to and say, go here, have a listen, then let's talk!

G'day from down under

Hi Howard A big thank you for all the work you put into the show. It's a must listen podcast - I subscribe via iTunes and listen on the way to work in the car. I enjoy the weather updates, it helps me feel a bit cooler when you've got snow and we have 40 degree on some days. Plus it helps me as a listener connect to you as the presenter. Getting to know podcasters is something I enjoy as a sterile voice on the radio is not as inviting as a genuine and real person who shares as you do. Keep seeking the truth mate!

Love the new look website!

Hi Howard, just thought I'd stop by and check out the new mobile friendly website. It looks awesome.....A web world full of weirdness and wonder!Thank you for doing what you do,Craig

So nice to listen to a podcast without irritating adverts

Great Podcast, I've been listening for around 3 years, some interesting topics and some topics that really make you think, others are just a little bit out there but so nice to listen to a podcast without irritating adverts, keep up the great work.

Great Show Brilliant Broadcaster

I have been listening since 2017. Howard is unparalleled amongst professional broadcasters and steers his show to get the best out of his guests. Always interesting. Always thoughtful. Always good!


Thanks for your excellent Podcast!I have been listening for the past 4 years or so and enjoyed the variety of guests that have been featured.And I love the way you let them talk and don't constantly interject with your own opinions. I want to be able to make up my own mind on what they have to say - and you allow your listeners to do just that.Keep up the good work!

Love the show

Something different to the mainstream shows. Have listened to most podcasts more than once. Please keep it going

Excellent podcasts (and broadcasts!)

I've been listening to Howard's work for some time now, and his high standards of journalism and professionalism shine in every interview and discussion. Great guests and topics, enlightening conversations, and plenty of curiosity and intelligence: The Unexplained is my favorite podcast for all those reasons. Well worth your time, give it a listen. You'll be glad you did.

More than entertainment, it’s an education.

The one podcast I just can’t wait to listen to. For a number of years I’ve listen and absorbed the fantastic shows from the very talented Howard Hughes. Howard has a superb way of guiding his guests through their interviews in his uniquely professional manner. Extracting every ounce of information, facts, speculations and opinions. Leaving the listener to ultimately make up their own minds. If you’ve not tuned in, your missing out. Thank you for prodding my inquisitive mind and opening my eyes to some of the best unexplained stories and conspiracies most people have probably never encountered. Keep up the excellent work.

Love the new website

Howard excellent new website ... long time listener keep doing what you are doing the more a lot of this stuff is pushed into the main stream the better!

Long may it continue...

I have been listening to the unexplained for a number of years and it is one of the best podcasts out there. Howard is a great interviewer and has some very interesting guests on the show. Thankyou for your continuous effort and enthusiasm throughout the years. p.s Loving the new look website!

Best podcast for the paranormal

I've been listening since 2014, and the unexplained is the best podcast of its category. I use the podcast for my commute. Howard love thw new website as well. Keep up the good work!!!

Essential listening

If you want real stories and real substance this show is an absolute must listen. Been listening for years and it's the only show that tells it how it is! Great and interesting guests, Howard is a 'one off'!

Best show of its kind there is

This is the only show I like. I have listened to all episodes for years, and I still keep coming back. Howard, you are a professional and it shows in how you carry the show along, your professionalism is what I think gives the show that extra distinctiveness that others do not have. I am loving the new website, I find it functional, I like the Categories and Guests section and that it is searchable. You have an impressive and diverse back catalog. I wish that with the new website the show is propelled further into the future.

superb show

Hi I have been listening to the show for about 10 years now. This show has got me through some pretty challenging decorating jobs and I often listen to the show in the bath where I can hear the show in peace without the kids or wife butting in haha. Howard has a fantastic interviewing technique and a very soothing voice.keep up the good work Howard and may you go on for many years with your great show.

Great Show!

Congratulations on the new site. It is clean, well-organized, and fits your show nicely. A fantastic job by you and Adam!I'll be listening!

Never miss it!

Hi Mr Hughes,great show never miss it,luv the new website 😁 much respect 🙌 Do you or have you seen a channel called ''? Great channel,I watch it on kodi...Have a good show ,Ade,Sarah n Indi 👍


Loving the new website. Easy to search and navigate! Just a quick note to say I enjoy every radio show and podcast! Shame not all the shows are available to download! Have you ever thought about a live cast on you tube? Or setting up a cam so all shows can be shown?

Simply the best podcast available

I have been listening to Howard since 2006 and despite listening to other podcasts, his are simply the best.If you have time listen to the back catalogue,some fantastic shows.

Excellent podcast

Well done Howard. Like the new website and would happily pay a monthly subscription.

New Website

The new website looks great Howard. Thanks for your continued hard work with The Unexplained, long may it continue!

New website now active great

New website now active great. Only comment, I miss the guest pictures on the selection for the podcasts. You have U everywhere. Consider putting the guest picture back on the selectionEmailed you many times, great show If in Toronto Canada email me and come over

Love it

Been listening since your Talk Sport days back in 2005

Looking great!

Hi HowardJust stopped by to check out the new website. It's looking great ! Loved the recent podcast with Fevzi. AI is scary. 😳All the best, Craig.

Great voice for sleep!

My wife and I love the show and have been listening for years. She says your voice is brilliant and soothing, intact she has to have the show on to get to sleep! When she wakes up in the middle of the night she tells me to put it on again. Our favourite subject is UFOs and the Alan Godfrey being number 1. Keep up the good work.

Brilliant Show

Always waiting for the latest podcast! Love the new look to the website well done.Keep up the great work guys!

good luck

looks swish good luck with the new look steve

Great Shows... always...

Just wanted to say “Great Shows... always...” I listen on my way to work on night shift and during my work period as Night Merchandiser at a local store...


Absolutely love the show, really look forward to it. Best of its kind by far, and there are some good ones!

"Jolly good show old boy!"

Dear Howard, I discovered your show about 6 or 8 weeks ago and I am catching up with all your old shows, I just finished edition 227 with Graham Hancock from 2015 and I enjoy almost every one of your shows. However, I did manage to see on You Tube "David Icke on Howard Hughes" and I found the comments on you to be terrible and I also defended your show. Its strange how some people have such extreme views, but like you say, its an open forum and everybody has their views. keep up the good work. Thanks and take care.

Howard's in a league of his own

In this technological era, anybody can pick up a microphone and record a podcast. Howard uses his extensive background in journalism to approach these subject in a unique manner. I love the fact he's not afraid to ask his guests the hard questions compared to others. A great variety of subjects so there's something for everyone here. Can't recommend enough.


Listening to the show for about 5 years-love it and ur show on talk radio. Truly excellent!!!


The podcast that sets the standards for all the rest.

The show helps me learn

I’m currently getting ready to sit my GCSE’S and I can’t say thank you enough. Your real science podcasts have helped me in answering exam questions successfully ... the unexplained helps everybody !