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Ted Lasso's Brett Goldstein Is Going to Be on Harley Quinn

The more we hear about Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special, the more hyped we are for it. We already know it centers on Poison Ivy getting such a big O from Harls that it unleashes a wave of pheromones that makes all of Gotham horny, which legit is the perfect unhinged plot twist for a holiday…

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The Best Valentine's Day Movies for Nerds

When it comes to romantic movies, most folks can content themselves with swooning over The Notebook or taking a trip on the Titanic. But but nerdy genre film fans appreciate a little time-jumping or severed limbs or robots to spice up their love stories. We’ve scoured all the streaming services to find this master…

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How to Make Zoom Better Using Its Best Apps

We’re all now a lot more familiar with Zoom than we were, say, before a certain global pandemic forced large numbers of us to work from home and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues over video chat. In fact, Zoom is now so big that there are all kinds of add-ons and extra extensions you can add on top of…

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This Robot Uses Tape Measures Like Spider-Man Uses Webs

It’s scientifically impossible to use a tape measure to just measure something. It’s the workshop tool of 1,000 other useless uses, including lightsabers, or seeing how far it can extend before the tape collapses. Researchers at Stanford University have found yet another use for the tape measure: as a way for robots…

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The X-Men Are Running Attack Ads on Each Other

Since the dawn of Marvel’s Krakoan Age, mutantkind has held an annual vote to induct the latest team of X-Men to be Krakoa’s public-facing representation to the world of superheroes at large. In the real world, fans have played a part by being able to vote for one member of the lineup, and it’s usually a bit of…

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