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Batman's Coming Back to Have One Last Long Halloween

Batman fans have their favorites miniseries, and among the most beloved is The Long Halloween. The original miniseries from Jeph Loeb and the late Tim Sale saw widepsread acclaim when it released in 1996 and spawned two sequels and a film adaptation. And much like Frank Miller with hisDark Knight Returnsseries, Loeb…

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Open Channel: Tell Us Your Thoughts on Furiosa

Nearly 10 years ago, George Miller brought the Mad Max franchise blasting back to relevance with Fury Road. The film wasn’t just well-liked, it was basically a game changer for plenty of moviegoers and delivered them something they’d never really seen at the time. And of the many things to love about Fury Road, people…

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TESS finds intriguing world sized between Earth and Venus

Using observations by NASA's TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) and many other facilities, two international teams of astronomers have discovered a planet between the sizes of Earth and Venus only 40 light-years away. Multiple factors make it a candidate well-suited for further study using NASA's James Webb Space Telescope.

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