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Halo Season 2 Teases a Major Franchise Fall

The first season of Halo’s TV adaptation was sometimes interesting, but also kind of a mess. With a new timeline to work with, the show took some sharp divergences, shall we say, and things ended in such a way you weren’t fully sure how we were going to make it to Halo: Combat Evolved.

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The Boys Are Back in Town, and They're Going to the Polls

It’s been over a full year since the last season of The Boys, and while Gen V’s definitely kept the franchise going, it teed up some interesting developments for the mothership show’s return. While the next season is still a couple of months out, Prime Video’s released a first look at what’s coming next for their…

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House of the Dragon Comes Flying Back with a Vengeance

Despite initial skepticism, House of the Dragon proved itself to be a solid return to the world of Westeros and a good show in its own right. The Game of Thrones prequel had its second season already locked in almost immediately after premiering, and after being technically allowed to film through the Hollywood strikes

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How to Get Started Running Emulators on Windows and macOS

You have to go back to the 1970s for the first generation of video game consoles, and many of them have been released since—consoles that have long since become outdated and obsolete. However, if you’re eager to relive the games and platforms of yesteryear (or try them out for the first time), there’s a way: emulators.

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Dental Clinic Cleaner Poses as Dentist, Unnecessarily Extracts Man’s Front Teeth

A Turkish man had to endure over a month of excruciating pain after he had four of his front teeth extracted by a cleaner posing as a dentist at a clinic in Istanbul. According to documents relating to a recently resolved case filed with the Istanbul Civil Court, 42-year-old Hakan Yıldırım, an Istanbul man suffering […]The post Dental Clinic Cleaner Poses as Dentist, Unnecessarily Extracts Man’s Front Teeth first appeared on Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities.

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